Deception at A Cosmic Scale

In Part 1 James Bartley discusses Deception on a Cosmic Scale. James also discusses the malign influence of the Movie Director of Choice for the Hybrid Plantation Managers of this planet.

In Part 2 James discusses his thoughts about the woman on the plane and the religious dogmatism of many surface level truthers as well as surface level truthers saddled with an adherence to bogus science.


Part 1:

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Part 2:

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  1. James, I appreciate your abilities of laser focus and massive amounts of study and personal experience in these subjects. I find myself whole heartedly agreeing with you and your commentaries are my favorite posts! I love your term ‘surfies’. I know you’ve been on the ‘Journey to Truth Podcast’ and I listened to these “C 19 awakening era hosts”. I left a comment recently about how Tyler conducted an interview by getting triggered and attacking his guest (The guest stated that many SSP are MK Ultra and give the same exact (erronious) data. Tyler was unable to control himself or listen. I got a REAL taste of the “cancel culture” because he highlighted my comment and basically justified himself and his actions. I am still getting hate comments from his ‘devotees’. Gone are the days of Candy and Barbie, I am so glad you are carrying on the legacy that you built together with your friends.
    You are a Shining STAR!

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