Uncovering Truther Psyop’s, Negative Alien Agenda – James Bartley, Eve Lorgen & TSP

Eve Lorgen and James Bartley have each spent 30 years investigating the Alien Abduction Phenomena, Milab Abductions, SRA Abuse, The Negative Alien Agenda. In this Video James and Eve talk about the Real “Psyop” and talk about the many different Targeted UFO/Alien Researchers and exposing the Reptilian Agenda

Eve Lorgen Website: ­čśÄÔťöhttps://evelorgen.com/wp/

Eve Lorgen’s Telegram Group: The Alien Love BIte ­čśÄÔťöhttps://t.me/+8FFb6Bc6tsw3Zjdh

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