Human Society & Hybrid Reptilian Plantation Managers

Tom Montalk and Carissa Conti return to the Cosmic Switchboard Show. The discussion in the first segment involves the degradation of Human Society and the Hubris of the hybrid reptilian plantation managers. Carissa discusses the dark findings that a former YouTube presenter known as YEBO (Obey spelled backwards) discovered about the promotion of child abuse and cannibalism by celebrities. Eventually Yebo’s YouTube channel was taken down but his work was saved by various Bitchute presenters. The intent seems to be to mock the human condition and to mock God/Divinity by de-evolving humanity to its most vile vulgar lowest denominator which is essentially alien and demonic in nature.

In Part 2 Tom Montalk and Carissa Conti talk about how the ET Presence may be normalized in relation to the so-called Smart Cities. Subjects also include the normalization of Cannibalism and how “The Gods” may once again walk the Earth.
Tom and Carissa describe a possible hopeful future.
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