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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.

James Bartley discusses the supernatural and spiritual aspects behind most of Cultural Marxism and in particular the Gender Identity Agenda. James talks about the Safe Schools Programs where children are being groomed for sexual exploitation. James also talks about the Agenda 21 plan to reduce car lanes and replace them with bicycle lanes leading to more traffic accidents, fatalities, traffic jams, frayed nerves and road rage incidents.


James Bartley at Lil Ale inn James Bartley and Bob Lazar James Bartley and Hickson James Bartley and Barbara Bartholic

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  1. Naive or not, the following example makes me scratch my head as to what realm I am living in. Here we go, where I closely reside, they have this crucial square chunk of road missing right abouts on the corner after you make a left turn onto a one way street, which is a street that isn’t even that wide in the first place, in addition to sharing adjacent Space with Parked cars. Either way you look at it , and whether it is blatant truth that it is the tax payers money that should fix the street. The number of ppl that reside in the area, and the semi vast numbers of ppl that dangerously drive through the deep chunk in the road missing, is mind boggling. Mind boggling because, look: it’s been there for a year, perhaps a year and a half. Therefore, living in a false realm or not, the odd mystery of why the ppl themselves cannot patch up the road insults my intelligence . They may indeed be in some cult together pretending to love to complain at the city for not doing their job, but in a reverse idealistic sense , I cannot understand why the adjacent residents , of , say, adjacent 500-1,500 residents cannot mail each other or correspond basically one solitary dollar each , gather it, and at least use that money to order a load of concrete to fill it up themselves. In this year or year and a half, I’m guessing that There probably had already been over 100 cars that have had thousands of dollars of damage induced into their vehicles. Yet, the status quo seems more prideful and justified , in spending their negative emotions and outrage into blaming the city and the tax payers funds for being ill used , or neglected. As true as that is. When self responsibility like this, of a load of professional concrete being brought their , for a community which can easily raise the money via a buck or 3 dollar raising Of funds, you just keep on scratching your head. Even if the road was not done by code or up to codes standards from these residents, it would be a perfect example of watching the city follow up the work or final patching of the pothole within weeks, because I’ve seen it before. It’s almost like I test , to see if the ppl will take it upon themselves to do it, even though it technically is not their responsibility. Yet, it never happens. I re-iterate: this dangerous missing chunk of street that is 4 feet deep, has been there for 1+ years.
    It’s a simple example , of , helping a regular person assess , or question, just how deep of an inorganic human farce reality we may be co-existing in. It’s hard to understand , because when you go talk to anybody about it, they never want to just do it, all they want to do is follow the program of righteously blaming the system . Yet, all of this negative energy directed towards arguments and conversations about how they are not doing their jobs, seems way more costly , than chipping in 1-3 dollars in a pot, and basically curing the road in less than 1- 5 days. So, you may have thousands of cars pass this spot per day, and pass this spot for over 400 days, yet, it never gets fixed , and although it’s a simple example , It makes you wonder if all of them are in a negative cult together, as , sleep or no sleep, no group of ppl could seemingly be on that much damn inverted-auto-pilot. In a sick way, I almost halfway applaud the city and the tax money for not doing their job, as a semi reverse test , to see if the ppl themselves will/would actually take responsibility. To go further, Good Samaritan or not, I know that there are ppl who cross that spot daily who may be, say, lawyers, who earn way more than enough to just donate or set up the load of concrete themselves. This could be done, just to protect their vehicles , and not even related to Good Samaritan . Basically, they seem to just run the program of negatively bitching and being bitter that their tax money is being misused . Either way, I don’t understand it, and little examples like this may indeed offer us insight into the complexities of the inorganic reality, or possible half dead ppl that we are surrounded by. It’s a double mind fuck message or enigma , because, they are seemingly materialistic about their vehicles , yet they cannot take it upon themselves to protect those vehicles? Highly confusing . Is it an act , so that the overal scene looks defunct and in need of help on purpose , or , are individual communities so much so enduring poor communication, that , even after 1 year, they cannot cooperate to fix the street themselves? I think it is a perfect , simple example of : where is the autonomy ? And if Such small scale autonomy is proven to be non existent , how are the people in power to be fully blamed , or react to a possible test like this being enacted? Sad to say, it’s like an fair argument that each side can allege that the other side is not caring enough to take action properly if need be!

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