Pat Jackson Interview

 Pat Jackson grew up having weird paranormal experiences. Due to ridicule Pat was forced to hide here psychic abilities until one of her ET mentor’s intervened as a ghost. Pat really started using her abilities in college when the Naz appeared to help her further develop her abilities. In 1999 while working in law enforcement Pat became target by the shadow government as a result of working missing/abducted child cases as well investigating child killings. Pat was brutally railroaded from law enforcement and multiple attempts to kill pat were made. Pat was subject to harassment and ET abductions until she was able to face her abductors without fear and her abductors lost control of her. After that benevolent Ets stepped in and Pat began having experiences with them. Pat has had fully conscious physical contact with more than a dozen ET races as well as being at meetings with more than 100 ET races.
In Part 1 Pat Jackson, an Andromedan and Arcturan Contactee, talks about her experiences with the Draco, Arcturans, Andromedans and other ETs. Pat worked as a psychic within Law Enforcement and came under increasing harassment because of the deep corruption she discovered within the department she worked in. She has been electromagnetically beamed and has had attempts on her life. Pat discusses her experiences with Andromedans (whom she refers to as ANDROMES pronounced “Andro-MEES”) and Arcturans.
In Part 2 Pat Jackson talks about some of the other ETs she has encountered including an amphibian frog type humanoid. She talks about what happens to Dolphins who are being used by the deep black military. Pat also talks about cloning by the ETs.

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    • Lee Shargel was speaking about “celestial dolphins to the rescue” (George Andrews term not mine) about his alleged time at China Lake working at the infamous “Borax Mine.” Maybe he really saw a transparent bubble come down with the “dolphinoids” maybe he didn’t. Lee billed himself as a legit EX NASA whistleblower. I had a discussion with him and he told “the people I work for wants this information to come out…” The question of course is who he worked for at the time. He got a rousing round of applause when he mentioned the dolphinoids. Trying to remember what conference this was. I didn’t take it on board at the time. I don’t doubt somewhere in the multiverse are highly evoled dolphinoids. We have highly evolved Cetaceans on this Mudball. Another bit of info (or disinfo as it were) was the green fireballs people were seeing at the time was due to a NASA probe he helped design. Again maybe, maybe not. We know the Green Fireballs back in the late ’40s/early ’50s was non-human in origin and non-terrestrial in origin according to government meteor expert Lincoln LaPaz from the University of New Mexico. It was called “Project Twinkle” and these Green Fireballs flew over at high speed and high altitude over a number of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) plants. A buddy of mine who at the time ran the largest Naval Aviation Depot on the West Coast that serviced among other things the Avionics of the E2C Hawkeye Navy AWACS planes and the FA-18 Hornets. He saw this huge green fireball fly over my old stomping grounds Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) and it flew straight at to the Pacific Ocean soundlessly.

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