Emily Moyer Interview

Emily brings to the table a unique blend of experience and research, as well as her skills in analysis and translation of trends and ideas in the cultures of alternative cyberspace, the arts, sports, and human development. She is currently working on developing the new media content of OffPlanet and finding new ideas, voices, and concepts for our ever evolving innerstandings.

Emily Moyer of Off Planet Radio discusses the Predatory Nature of the adults in and around Women’s (female teen age and young adult) Gymnastics. Emily talks about the Underground Dance Scene and what she learned by observing the people and the entities within it.
In Part 2 Emily Moyer continues her discussion about the Underground Dance Scene and the entities and energy fields she has observed. Emily also talks about Sugar as Programmable Matter.
Emily’s Website: OffPlanet Radio

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  1. love it, Emily and James, thank you very much;
    you’re so passionate, Emily and James, thank you for keeping going on, I can hear your heavy breath and I know that you are not feeling very good and in spite of it you are here, with us.
    Indeed, the various kinds of music syncs with different aspects of our being and bring out various emotions and vibrations, from the lowest to the highest or deepest.
    I am very attracted to and I love the Native North American music / chanting; almost every time I listen it makes me cry so very very bad, I don’t know why; I feel a deep longing for myself, My Self, my soul, my home, my family, my love; I feel the pain of this world;

    but I am grateful for crying, because I usually don’t cry and I can’t cry; so it is very relieving.
    much love to you both and thank you again 🙂

  2. Hi, again, Emily and James and here’s some feedback regarding Emily’s sugar subject discussed in your interview.

    Since I have watched it, from the beginning of March, I quit eating sugar in any form; I just have two little spoons at my daily two cups of coffee, because I don’t know with what to replace it; I also have some doubts about honey and hive mind…nothing clear or proved, just some gut feeling.

    there are now almost 3 weeks without sugar and I can tell that I wasn’t craving as much as I thought I would, taking in consideration that I am somehow food addicted and I eat on emotional and stress basics and in general, I like food and sweets, to cook and to eat it :))));

    I had one day when I cheated but that’s all. Also I can say that I don’t have some strong tendency to compensate with other foods, and I don’t eat honey instead of sugar or many many many fruits; it’s relatively the same as before, just without the things that have sugar or sugar itself.

    I didn’t loss or gain weight, but it is too soon to draw conclusions, because I believe in long term changes and I had situations when I have made some important changes for few months and than slowly return to where I was.
    So maybe after a year or some I can tell that it’s on a course like a way of life. Maybe.
    Meanwhile (oh, look at the word spell, “mean-while” interesting, isn’t it?) I think any day without sugar is a good day and helps; now I only have to stop eating meat, diaries and wheat :))))))))).


    again, thank you both for inspiring me and be sure that everything you do helps and resonate with so many people; much love and appreciation from me :).

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