Patricia Farrington from Sirius With Love

In Part 1 Patricia Farrington talks about her memories of coming to Earth long ago from the Sirius System. Patricia’s Mother was adopted into a military family. Patricia was subjected at an early age to horrific and systematic abuse. She was passed from handler to handler and became enmeshed with an elite bloodline family that is a household name in America. This is a story of survival and ultimately one of Triumph.

In Part 2 Patricia Farrington discusses how she was set up to work in high profile high paying jobs in the corporate world. Her life was still being guided by this malevolent “Hidden Hand.” During this process she was introduced to world famous comedians and actors who sexually abused her. Patricia talks about how the perpetrators seemed to be familiar with her menstrual cycles and arranged these sometimes violent liaisons with men when she going through her menstrual period. The powers that be had an interest in her DNA Profile as well.

Patricia describes a family tragedy brought about by the medical mafia and how this led her directly into the controlling patriarchal False God religious system where among other things she experienced a major alien love bite episode. During this time she came under the malign attention of dark Shadow Beings. Worms were found all over her house and her house vibrated with an ominous negative energy. Negative tendencies began to kick in. She began to have conscious alien and reptilian experiences but eventually she reconnected with her Divine Feminine self and along with her love for her children she was able to pull through and become the Spiritual Warrior and wonderful inspirational person she is today.


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