James Bartley Commentary 42

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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.

James Bartley discusses the Mass Hosting Phenomena which in various ways is being described by Surface Level Truthers. Outright demonic possession is being witnessed all across the board. Alex Jones talks about the entity infested Leftists which are coming out of the woodwork. James also discusses the Psychology of Hate and how it has infected modern American Sports.




James Bartley at Lil Ale inn James Bartley and Bob Lazar James Bartley and Hickson James Bartley and Barbara Bartholic

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  1. Don’t you worry James,, I’ve never been a feminist and never will be! Great commentary, so sad though, that you have to politically correct certain points for those that might be offended. I get it and hear you loud and clear.

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