Supernatural Pathologies and Early Trauma Entrapment – Eve Lorgen Interview with James Bartley

Eve Lorgen returns to the Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss various pathologies she has noted in the Alien Investigations Research Field. She ties this in with Mind Control Programming and Generational Cult Abuse.
In Part 2 Eve Lorgen discusses Homunculi and other aspects of the Spiritual Hijacking of the Hybridized Surface Population.
Eve Lorgen’s Website:
Eve Lorgen’s Books: The Dark Side of Cupid, The Love Bite

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  1. Thank you Eve and James!
    It is always the DEEPEST of deep dives when you two get together. This information is so needed yet so many can’t begin to comprehend the depths you both are revealing. It is both exciting and yet appalling at the same time. I could listen to you for hours, and the time flies so quickly. I always feel I am getting ‘graduate level’ Intel that is so rarely heard. Thank you for being the gifts of humanity that you both are.

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