Jerry Marzinsky Interview

Jerry Marzinsky makes a good case that voices that schizophrenics hear in their head are the voices of spirits and not hallucination.

Special thanks to Miladys Rose Le Blanc for introducing me to Jerry Marzinsky. Jerry Marzinsky is a licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Counselor who has spent over thirty five years in the Mental Health field in Georgia and Arizona. Jerry shares his experiences with patients who have been diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Jerry found out over time that the “Voices” people were hearing in their heads were not just audio hallucinations but actual entities who heap negative thoughts into the Minds of the patients and can even compel them to do harm to themselves or to others.

Jerry also spent time working as a mental health counsellor in the Prison System and found that many of the prisoners who were regarded as schizophrenics or mentally unstable were likewise being tormented by voices. These “voices” can give detailed instructions to individuals and even seem to be familiar with distant geography and the future behaviour of people. This is one of the most important interviews ever given by a mental health expert with a verifiable background. Jerry has been in the trenches healing people tormented by negative entities. Jerry also talks about the true nature of the PhD training in the Psychiatric field and how it is meant to brainwash the prospective PhD’s into believing what they are told and doing what the system wants them to do. Psychiatrists became angered at Jerry when they found out he was asking patients about the voices they were hearing. Jerry quit the PhD program in disgust when he found out what it was all about.

In Part 2 Jerry Marzinsky talks more about the Meth Connection with the voices and in particular about the Shadow People. Depending on how the meth user perceives the Shadow Beings and what features on the Shadow Beings are noticeable, Jerry can tell “how far gone” the meth user is and has been pulled into the orbit of the Shadow People.

Jerry talks about the times the Voices and the Shadow Beings have talked to him through his patients and the prisoners he has worked with. Jerry shares an experience when the voices tried to make him drown while he was swimming in a lake. Jerry talks about how meth users have seen Shadow Beings present in Emergency Rooms and seen how they work through patients and medical staff alike including doctors. Jerry talks about how the entities behind the voices drain people of energy. Jerry describes an incident in which the voices told a person to do harm to Jerry. Jerry provides advice on how to defeat the voices and the entities behind the voices.

Jerry’sWebsite: Keyhole Journey
Jerry‘s facebook page: Demons For Real
Jerry‘s youtube Channel: Dr J-Jerry Marzinsky

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  1. This was the interview that made me cough up $7 to become a member. Really interesting information, and I just had to hear part 2.

  2. I found the same. Working in the field of psychotherapy since 1982, one of my first thoughts with people who hear voices was that they are influenced, possibly, by other entities. It is at least very possible and the common approach in so called ‘therapy’ is cruel and wrong and has no chance of helping.

  3. I am so deeply grateful…as well as thoroughly happy that James has chosen to have this interview with this brave and very knowledgeable guest on the Cosmic Switchboard show. As a highly developed empath and very accustomed to powerful spiritual experiences of all kinds, I have very much to say in support of Jerry Marzinsky’s words.

    I myself am extremely familiar with the power and intensity and reality of the spiritual voice…among other forms of spiritual phenomenon, (such as dreams, visions and the like), I have experienced several varieties of spiritual voice phenomenon for decades…and it is very highly advanced in me…it is an enormously intense and very strong experience, sometimes very overwhelming…as the guest describes. It can be influenced by both good…and bad entities…but always beyond human understanding, and mere human capacity to control it or influence it. I can vouch for everything this speaker demonstrates…without question…it is NOT a mere symptom of so-called mental illness, or just a “random happening”…or anything else that would otherwise be “diagnosed” by medical personnel. It is for certain a very real and extremely powerful beyond human experience…it is definitely ruled by something stronger than us…something beyond us…and powers that we very often cannot grasp or understand. It has nothing to do with so-called mental “breakdowns” or “disorders”…it is a true, bona-fide and very awesomely strong phenomenal experience…and from an empath’s point of view, one of the most powerful and most intense experiences that reveal another person’s emotions and inner self that is being exposed in many forms of spiritual “encounters” and interaction with them.

    I am also very unusually familiar with the “efforts” of psychiatric doctors and what really goes on in mental institutions…I have first hand observation and learning of them. My very beloved late boyfriend, who died from a suicide attempt in December 2015, was diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia known as schizoaffective disorder…he was in and out of several local institutions for the last two years of his life. I was his conservator for the final year. I encountered many instances of what the speaker demonstrates…including the very thing about the voice experiences that patients…including my dearly departed boyfriend…were helpless victims of…without being able to properly explain it to the doctors. They endured the very same things…including the ignorance of psychiatric staff and their lack of understanding of these immensely powerful experiences that both patients and “sane” people can have…and beyond their control.

    Thank you, James, for having this guest aboard the show…this interview will forever be invaluable to those of us who really do know and have first-hand acquaintance of what he is talking about…and claim their own experiences in support and great understanding of what is being expressed…both in this form of spiritual phenomenon…and the suffering of those callously labeled as “mental patients”.

    Theresa Tucker

  4. Empaths also experience the spiritual voice…the voice of another person…revealing themselves empathically to the “receptor”…and this can be one of the most astoundingly powerful and intense forms of phenomenon that an empath can have that reveal the distinct emotions and inner realm of another person…very strongly so.

  5. thank you, James, Jerry, Theresa – really helped me in order to balance my mind, because these voices are in all the people, for sure, or at least trying to be;

    and I think that we must learn to make a clear distinction between our responsability for our thoughts and behaviour and the thoughts that aren’t ours, espacially when these thoughts and inner voices are knocking us down constantly – these aren’t ours for sure and we have to learn to recognize them.

    thank you, Jerry – it is a major information that can help all people in the course of our healing and gaining balance.

      • Note that “the voices told me to go off my meds”. Therefore anti-psychotics are NOT anti-psychotic. Because if the meds were effective, they wouldn’t hear the voices telling them to “go off their meds”. “Anti-psychotic” is a marketing term for a major tranquillizer. Schizophrenics often say “I can still hear the voices on my meds, but I’m just too tired to do anything about them.”

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