Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney – Voices In Your Head The Chemical Imbalance Fraud

Jerry Marzinsky makes a good case that voices that schizophrenics hear in their head are the voices of spirits and not hallucination.

Special thanks to Miladys Rose Le Blanc for introducing me to Jerry Marzinsky. Jerry Marzinsky is a licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Counselor who has spent over thirty five years in the Mental Health field in Georgia and Arizona. Jerry shares his experiences with patients who have been diagnosed as Schizophrenic. Jerry found out over time that the “Voices” people were hearing in their heads were not just audio hallucinations but actual entities who heap negative thoughts into the Minds of the patients and can even compel them to do harm to themselves or to others.

Jerry also spent time working as a mental health counsellor in the Prison System and found that many of the prisoners who were regarded as schizophrenics or mentally unstable were likewise being tormented by voices. These “voices” can give detailed instructions to individuals and even seem to be familiar with distant geography and the future behaviour of people. This is one of the most important interviews ever given by a mental health expert with a verifiable background. Jerry has been in the trenches healing people tormented by negative entities. Jerry also talks about the true nature of the PhD training in the Psychiatric field and how it is meant to brainwash the prospective PhD’s into believing what they are told and doing what the system wants them to do. Psychiatrists became angered at Jerry when they found out he was asking patients about the voices they were hearing. Jerry quit the PhD program in disgust when he found out what it was all about.

In Part 1 Jerry Marzinsky, who has spent thirty years in the Psychiatric Field in both the Arizona Prison System as well as experience in what was at the time the largest Psychiatric Hospital in the world in Georgia, discusses the fraud known as “The Chemical Imbalance” diagnosis. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with a non-existent chemical imbalance in the brain but it does have everything to do with actual entities who are the “voices” people hear. Schizophrenia is itself a bogus fraudulent diagnosis. Sherry Swiney heard voices in her head and developed a means to rid herself of these troublesome voices. These voices were trying to convince her to harm others.
Sherry Swiney is a construction engineer, retired. Sherry is an advocate for growing your own food, staying away from big pharmaceutical medicine for good health,

In 1996 Sherry founded the international human rights organization called The Patrick Crusade (P.A.T.R.I.C.K.) which stands for “People Aligned To Replace Injustice and Cruelty with Knowledge”, which drew millions of visitors from around the world to the cause of prison and court reform in the United States.

In 2009, when her husband and best friend, a police officer, pilot, philosopher and handyman, paid the ultimate price for standing in his integrity against corrupted DOJ officials, Sherry transitioned from prison reform work to searching for the core reasons for this dysfunction which she saw the tip of the iceberg and only a symptom of a much larger dilemma. This transition is explained in the About section of her website

Sherry is currently working as editor with Mental Health Practitioner, Jerry Marzinsky. They’ve been friends and colleagues for 20 years, helping people eliminate the dark side influences from their lives. As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities and was able to eliminate them from her life without help from psychologists or psychiatrists, and without taking any drugs. Today, she teaches others how to do what she did. She wrote an article titled “The That’s A Lie Program” explaining her method which is linked from in the Articles section.


Jerry’s & Sherry’s Website: Keyhole Journey
Jerry‘s facebook page: Demons For Real
Sherry’s Facebook page: Sherry Swiney
Sherry Swiney’s Youtube Channel:Taos123
Jerry‘s youtube Channel: Dr J-Jerry Marzinsky

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  1. Hello, Jerry and Sherry.
    I’ve just watched the Reality Check video and commented that these voices and influences can be dealt with via the Lightworker Healing Protocol. I know there’s a lot of systems and whatnot out there, but this particular issue is one of the things it addresses. I’m a practitioner and would be happy to demonstrate its’ effectiveness. All I’d need would be the name of an afflicted person under your watch/care; even yourselves, if you’d prefer). It may sound a bit “too good to be true”, but it’s a coomprehensive protocol and it’s taken me some time and attention to learn it. Please feel free to email me.
    All the very best and congratulations to your effort,
    Lawrence Sutherland

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