Nutrition for Milabs and Abductees

I have noticed that a lot of milabs and abductees are suffering much worse and many more health problems than non milabs or non abductees. A lot of my milab and abductee friends have cancers and horrible degenerative diseases. Some of this is directly caused by abductors on purpose and some of this is caused by the extreme stress and physical hardships that milabs and abductees are put through. This guide will provide some guidelines to help milabs and abductees stay healthy and avoid many of the bad effects of their abduction.

First I will go over some general wide spread health issues and then I will get into milab specific areas.

General Nutrition –

Water – Get at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water. For example if you weighed 160 pounds you would need 80 ounces (10 8 ounce glasses) of water.

Coffee – I highly recommend against drinking coffee. You can always tell a coffee drinker upon autopsy because the nephrons of the kidneys are damaged. For every 8 oz cup of coffee you consume you should add an additional 32 oz of water.

Vaccines – Stay away from these. Vaccines, are loaded with heavy metals and other toxins as well as foreign dna fragments.

Greens Mix or Coral Calcium – In order to keep the correct body ph you need enough minerals. If you have swelling in the knees and ankles you should not take calcium because this can indicate a kidney issue and calcium can be hard on the kidneys so you should take a greens mix.

DHA – Cod liver oil is an omega 3 supplement. DHA is the end chain form of omega 3. As you age it is harder to de-saturate your omega 3 fats so it is important to take dha every day.

Food source Iodine Supplement – Iodine is a chronic deficiency for most people leading to thyroid issues, coldness or slow metabolism.

D3  – D3 must be taken with a sulfur based protein in order to be absorbed.

B12 (methyl form) – As you age it is harder to absorb B12. The methyl
form of B12 is easier to utilize.

Digestion – Make sure you have at least half a teaspoon of air dried sea salt per day. This is necessary for the creation of adrenalin and stomach acid.

Milab Specific:

Milabs are exposed to extreme stress that can deplete B Vitamins and stop gastric secretions.
B Vitamins – Take a live source end chain fully methylated b vitamin. Most B vitamins are made from petroleum derivatives and require over 10 steps to digest and use. When you are under extreme stress this can be hard for your body. If you use a fully methylated end chain form of a b vitamin you can absorb it much easier.

Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract protects against radiation. This includes wifi, cell phones and anything that may be beamed at you.

Antioxidants – Due to the stress and use milabs have an increased need for antioxidants. I recommend camu camu 1 tsp 2-3 times per day, astaxanthin (12-24 mg) and pqq.

Detox – Due to the toxins that are used on milabs I recommend taking calcium bentonite clay regularly. This traps toxins and takes them out them out the body rather than allowing them to circulate. If you take calcium bentonite with each meal it will trap glycophosphates and dicarbonal groups(the bad things from gmo’s and pesticides).

Conditionally Essential Amino Acids – When you are under extreme stress it is harder for your body to make Conditionally Essential Amino Acids. When you are not stressed these amino acids are not essential but when you are stressed these may be.

If you get less than 5 straight hours of sleep you should take:
Magnesium – When you sleep less than 5 hours you do not make enough adrenalin which causes you to excrete magnesium.

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  1. Thanks for that article. Without knowing for sure if I am an abductee etc l can say that l have always gravitated toward the list you gave for nutritional support.

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