Interview with Tom Montalk

Tom Montalk is the author of “Fringe Knowledge For Beginners,” “Discerning Alien Disinformation,” and “Transcending The Matrix Control System Volumes I and II.” Tom’s work is a “Must Read” for those struggling to understand the true nature of Reality, Alien and Occultic Entity Interference, Metaphysics and Hidden Secret Science.

On The Cosmic Switchboard Show, Tom discusses “Occult Mimicry of Alien Contact” which is the title of his latest article on his website, the latter a well known information hub in the field of UFO and Metaphysical Research.

Non-Corporeal Discarnate Entities i.e. “Occult Entities” frequently appear to Humans as “Aliens” for purposes of energy harvesting and soul manipulation.

This is a form of interference which afflicts many people. Tom’s article and his appearance on The Cosmic Switchboard are as timely as it is meaningful.

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  1. Excellent interview, James. Really appreciate your spare style and insightful questions.

    Tom Montalk’s presentation is excellent too, also spare, clear, with examples that ring true with my experience. It’s a pleasure to find something new, not making me “wonder if,” but describing my own life in clear, succinct, and interesting terms. Thank you. You’ve done us all a favor.

    You also give me hope. Your presentation helped me understand my situation more clearly, and that’s always good, generally. And you confirmed my attitude of ignoring certain experiences while responding to others strategically. I can take heart that I have developed some skills, and I see more clearly where I need strengthening. I’ll be telling my readers about this interview.

    • Thank you Jean. I couldn’t have done that Roswell Lecture without you. Tom Montalk is a great guy and a gold mine of information who is motivated solely by the desire to help others heal, reintegrate and reach their full potential all across the board. You yourself have done tremendous work and I’m really glad to share this journey with you. Thank you for Standing In The Gap and making a difference.

  2. thank you for this excellent interview with tom. i have been being tortured and deformed, my life destroyed (abilities taken away, pets killed, you name it) and everyone from all sorts of dimensions seem to be involved in it. i hear voices from all over the place, things they clearly don’t want me to hear as well as beings talking directly to me.

    but my primary source of torment is from the christian ghost realms, false “heaven,” relatives even who are told that they’d better convert us and they become demonic as the torture gets worse and worse. i think this is a big part of these entities tom is talking about.

    i could go on and on but i think i’ll leave it at that for now. thank you for being here, james. i joined after listening to this and have also appreciated your and tom’s participation in other webcasts.

    much love,

    • Hang in there Karina. It sometimes the darkest before the dawn. If its all right, let me know and I can drop you an email. Thanks for joining. Best Wishes, James

      • oh yes, i would so appreciate an email.
        thank you so much, james.
        i am having a very rough time but holding steady. this has been going on for a long time and seems to be getting worse, not better. i hope it’s truly for a good purpose. emptying out the underworlds, i’m told. and being constantly beat up for it. they don’t like it, of course.

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