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The Cosmic Switchboard interviews Eve Lorgen. Eve discusses Barbara Bartholic’s Seminal Work, Hyperdimensional Interference, Strip Club Vortex Programming, Dark Side of Cupid Case Studies, Dr. Karla Turner’s “Masquerade of Angels” ET Cloning, Nefilim hybridization and much more.

Eve Lorgen is an Author, Researcher and Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. Offering Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Telephone Consulting Services.

You can visit Eve Lorgen’s website at evelorgen.com


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Eve Lorgen has written the following books:

The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships

The Universal Seduction

The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism

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  1. Thank you Eve for this excellent educational interview. You are a very well learned researcher in this field of work and you know your material so well as you spoke. I did learn from you today. Thank you.

  2. It’s been difficult for me to stay focused on my study work this past year. Its easy to zone out at times.This interview is a reminder to stay focused on what’s important. Thank you Eve and James for all the help.

  3. Do you feel that this Love Bite possession is what happened with Dr. Boylan? I know he has a close relationship with the Greys, in particular. After having met him, and had regression hypnosis with him, I was shocked to learn about the allegations brought against him. However, there was an “interesting” vibe present during our session.

    For some reason, hearing Eve’s description of Mariah’s experience, something brought him to mind…

    • Boylan did have his clinical psychology license yanked by the State of California. Apparently he was in gross violation of ethics to say the least. He is the one that says there are no negative ETs only military intelligence operatives running around in Lizard Suits to scare people. Patently absurd.

      • I didn’t realize he was saying there were no negative ETs, and I totally agree with you—at least from my own experience of Others—there are good *and* bad, as with everything. I wondered if his “indiscretions” could have been a result of his this type of influence—a love bite.

        I guess I am wondering because of the session we had, and the reason I went to see him in the first place. Unfortunately, his personal practices cast doubt for me on what was uncovered, though the two topics seemingly had nothing to do with each other.

        I must say, these interviews of yours are bringing back memories of events I haven’t thought about in years, and in a ways all the other alternative media broadcasters haven’t begun to stimulate.

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