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There is so much going on in the world these days. Sometimes its best just to take a deep breath, exhale and allow all of the tumult and chaos to wash over you like water off a duck’s back. Then we can focus on what WE need to do.

I gave an impromptu talk yesterday to a small audience at a metaphysical book store. It was a tag team with my friend Nikki V. who is a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Medium and who has had many UFO/ET/Metaphysical experiences. We kind of bounced it back and forth between one another…I with my Power Point Presentation would show a drawing of a certain type of ET and describe some of the reports about said beings made by people over the years. Then Nikki would share personal stories. We carried on in this vein for a couple of hours. Some of the members of the audience shared their own experiences. Both Nikki and I only found out the night before that we were going to be speaking at this bookstore but despite the short notice it worked out well. Afterwards we repaired to a nearby restaurant and had a nice meal and enjoyed some more interesting conversations. Spontaneity is the spice of life. It was Nikki’s first ever public talk and she was fantastic and is a natural at it. Afterwards Nikki gave a teaching on how to see peoples’ Auric Fields.

A few weeks ago I gave a lecture about The Military-ET Connection. The lecture was videotaped and I will get the video up on this website asap. I will be giving another lecture in a few days about the various ET Groups that are commonly and not so commonly reported. I’ve got some great interviews lined up on The Cosmic Switchboard.


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