Commentary 75: The Siege

James Bartley discusses the Siege Mentality wrought by this all out onslaught against the Human Race, citing historical parallels. James also discusses a way to overcome the Defeatist Mentality. James also talks about a “Resistance Movement” which might be a modern day version of The Trust which was a Soviet Era CHEKA inspired Counterintelligence Double Cross. James also talks about the impact of the Doolittle Raid on April 18th 1942.

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  1. Great commentary- I liked hearing the Dolittle story, I never learned that in US history.
    What is the common law group you were referring to? I know of one but they are setting up local common law groups, they are not ex military types talking about removing and killing off politicians in Canberra.

  2. I am enjoying everything you share with us.
    It’s all so amazing. I wish I could meet
    folks that are tuned up to this truth other
    than via forums/social. You know, go have
    a cuppa’ and chat!

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