Strip Clubs and Interdimensional Portals – Eve Lorgen

Eve Lorgen returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show. In Part 1 Eve talks about Spiritual Navigation through the Matrix. Eve discusses spiritual predators, traumas and finding internal truth.
In Part 2 Eve talks about Pearls of Wisdom, Hawaii and predatory new age groups.
Eve Lorgen’s Website:
Eve Lorgen’s Books: The Dark Side of Cupid, The Love Bite

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  1. Hello James and Eve.I have been lissening fore years. Had the tf love bite with all thad comes with it 2011.Im living in Vestfjord Iceland im good but its getting bad in Iceland with the war open borders and take over,loved to speak some time live it all what you are talking about.Thanks fore all the work ­čą░­čĺź Helga Berglind

  2. Oh wao! I read your book long time ago after an obsesive streak i had with a man that I got to completely understand after the alien love bite concept and tiny silver beings full of “lurv”… Great interview, thank you all!

  3. Regarding Eve’s Odysee interview, in which she talks about an attempt to build a bio-incinerator in North Carolina, what if the Luciferians were planning on putting unwanted humans on the trains and taking them there to be incinerated?

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