Kelsea Rai Detaching from Karmic Imprints

Kelsea Rai shares her experiences and insights having been part of a Cult and formerly being a practitioner and teacher of Tantric Sex. Kelsea describes the challenges she had to overcome to detach not only from the Cult Guru but from the Karmic Imprints which up to a certain point had defined her iife. This is an inspiring story of Courage in the face of extreme adversity.

Kelsea’s Website is: Kelsea Rai

In Part 1 Kelsai Rai talks about healing and recovering from Narcissistic Abuse, Mind Manipulation and Astral Dreamscape Interference from a Reptilian Hybrid Guru and how it connected to a past life in Ancient Egypt.
In Part 2 Kelsea Rai talks about The High Priestess/Goddess Programming and its various manifestations.

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