Robert Phoenix Transits Conjunctions & the Future of the World

Astrologer Robert Phoenix discusses Transits, Conjunctions and Forecasts for the future of America and the World.

Robert’s Website is: Robert Phoenix
Robert’s YouTube channel is: FreeAssociationRadio

Astrologer, writer, broadcaster, social commentator, Robert Phoenix has been engaged in the esoteric arts and healing since the mid-eighties. From 1994 through 2000, Robert was a tele-psychic and tarot reader, being on the ground floor of the intuitive revolution, highlighted by the Uranus/Neptune conjunction from that period.
During that time he was trained by the late, psychic/medium, Karen Lundegard, who inspired Amy Tan’s, “Saving A Fish From Drowning.”
In 2008, Robert which quickly became a cutting edge website using astrology to decode contemporary culture. Between my Robert, You Tube, Spreaker and BlogTalk Radio over three million people have read, listened to and watched his content.
In 2013/14 he produced and appeared in twenty-five episodes of “The Eleventh House” on Gaia.Tv. To this day, they are some of the most viewed shows on the network.

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