Belinda Noakes Interview

Belinda Noakes is the Courage Mentor. She helps people find the courage to finish with karmic imprints and agreements. Her work focuses on ending unhelpful repeating patterns by moving through trauma and releasing any sense of victimhood. She often incorporates the Closure Framework developed by George Kavassilas, which is based on the principles of Universal Lore and facilitates completion of soul-level contracts.

Belinda Noakes is a Courage Mentor who helps people remove karmic imprints. In Part 1 she talks about the Forces of Limitation and how the Archontic Forces teach and condition us to do their work for them. Belinda talks about how Women have taken on the pain of Mother Earth. Belinda also talks about the Wounded Masculine and the supreme importance of anchoring Awareness in the Body as a necessary prerequisite to healing. Belinda has worked with SRA Survivors as well as those who have undergone Covert Military Mind Control. She has worked with Milabs.

In Part 2 Belinda Noakes talks about the Healing Power of Self Compassion. She also discusses Closure as well as Karmic Contracts and Agreements.

Belinda Noakes’s Website: The Courage Mentor

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