Alternate Reality Jumpers Panel

James Bartley

Delta (a.k.a. Dhayaphim)



In the first of a series, James Bartley brings together for the very first time a panel discussion featuring Milabs who have been to Alternate Realities. Delta (formerly Dhayaphim) and Logan have been on The Cosmic Switchboard in the past. This panel was long overdue. These milabs have not only taken part in Ops in this reality but in Alternate Realities as well.

In part 2, Logan, Delta and Whisky (all pseudonyms) describe in more detail their experiences, observations and insights into Alternate Reality Experiences.


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Part 1:

Part 2:


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Part 2 Video:

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  1. Is there any place,timeline, dimension where humans are safe and happy? Why all those horror scenarios?
    It´s so frustrating!!!!
    Where is our god????

    • Another good question. A friend of mine who clears people of energetic implants and connections who I hope to have on the show soon sees into the 6th Dimension and she says the 6th is populated with nefarious trouble making entities. This is in stark contrast to those who believe the 5th Dimension is a never ending champagne cruise. I think even back in the so-called “Golden Era” (Atlantis and Lemuria and other advanced Earth Civilizations) there was still evil, wars, slavery and the like.

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