Aliens and the Transformation of Humanity In Conversation with Pierre Sabak


Pierre Sabak
Pierre Sabak Books

James Bartley
The Cosmic Switchboard

Pierre Sabak discusses with James Bartley his early experiences with the ‘paranormal’, which covers a range of phenomenon including a spiritual awakening and non-human contact. An expert in the subject of military abductions and their correlation to reptilian and humanoid beings, Bartley speaks of his personal involvment investigating these creatures and his physical interaction with such entities.

Subject areas covered in this fascinating conversation include aliens, spirits, telepathy, mind control and psychic communication. This is a must watch video to understand the development of social and political structures that have impacted humanity throughout history, in relation to the development of current affairs. Drawing upon his formidible expertise, James Bartley discusses the human awakening and the move towards more enlightened times.


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    • Thats a good question. I believe in their non-corporeal form (from the standpoint of our dimension) they can pretty much live indefinitely unless something is done to disrupt or dissolve so to speak their Morphic Energy Field. The consciousness of theirs like our own, probably resides in multiple dimensions and planes simultaneously. I know they have been creating physical reptilian and human host bodies for some of the higher ranking interdimensional reptilians.

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