Reptilian Hosting and Possession of People

The topic of Part 1 is “The Making of a Host.” James Bartley describes a number of factors that come into play in the creation of a host. James discusses how reptilian entities take over peoples mind and psyche. James also discusses the possibility of huge numbers of people being taken up as hosts.
In Part 2 James Bartley talks about Cannibalism. James also discusses the emergence of the “Pan Babies” i.e. Pandemic Babies

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  1. This commentary was amazing James! The work and research was very through and well done. It’s still a tough topic and dark. Until we can face these dark truths we can’t stand against them. Just as in personal indepth explorations to find the truth of the darkness we experienced, without close examination we will never find the light of truth. One thing I love about you James, you bring the RAW TRUTH no matter what. You always have done this. And even though the topics are difficult, you have a way of weaving in the humor without diluting your message.

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