George Jagatic and Jerry Marzinsky

Jerry Marzinsky and George Jagatic join us for a deep discussion about the Entities behind the Voices which those diagnosed with Schizophrenia hear inside their heads.
George Jagatic has learned how to prevent the Voices from being a disruptive influence in his life.

In Part 2 George Jagatic and Jerry Marzinsky go into more detail about how to overcome the Voices and the Entities behind the Voices.

Jerry Marzinsky
Jerry’s website Jerry Marzinsky is a Retired Licenced Psychotherapist who has spent over 35 years working with people diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Jerry learned over time the Voices in peoples’s heads were actual entities.
George Jagatic
George’s Facebook Profile George Jagatic is a Retired Licenced Creative Arts Psychotherapist who started to hear voices after using Amphetamines. George has developed ways and means to keep the Voices and the Entities behind the voices at bay.


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  1. I am connecting this to the info about the predator in Carlos Castaneda’s book The Active Side of Infinity, or the Wetiko in Paul Levy’s books, & the psychopathic ETs in the work of Karl Mollison of Get Wisdom. I wonder why some people hear the voices & most don’t.

  2. Thank you for this brilliant & courageous presentation. If only people would pay attention! It’s the most important information in our Human world. A crucial part is that it’s not only the blatant voices, it’s also the emotional meddling with all people & we need to recognize it.

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