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Chuck Ochelli of The Ochelli Effect discusses current events, possible trends and what to watch out for in these very interesting times. Note this interview was conducted a few weeks back and much has changed since then. Still this is an interesting and thought provoking interview with a veteran podcaster who has had his finger on the pulse of a lot of issues for many years.

Chuck’s Website:
His YouTube channel is: The Ochelli Effect

In Part 1 Chuck Ochelli of the Ochelli Effect discusses current events with the George Floyd Riots and the militarization of Law Enforcement. Note this interview was conducted a few weeks back before we got the full facts about what really happened to George Floyd.

In Part 2 Chuck Ochelli talks about what he knows about Donald Trump having lived in New Jersey and talks about the Geopolitical Aspects of what is going on.

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Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:

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