Commentary 69

In Part 1 of Bartley’s Commentaries on The Cosmic Wars, James Bartley discusses the archontic basis for Communist Ideology.

In Part 2 James Bartley discusses the ongoing Communist Uprising in the Western World and its Archontic Basis.


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    • Thanks so much, Sunbird. Watching it now. Starting out like the Black Child of Old. I’m thinking of moving out of YouTube as well. Too much control and manipulation.

      • You’re welcome James. You know the long video he posted titles “PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING 2020-2021 A TRUTHUNVEILED PRODUCTION” where the Simpsons episode(s) show stuff related to se-lection and the death of democracy, is similar to (stroll about half way down, there is a Twitter post by Himalaya Global where a clip from an episode by South Park showing ballots of swing states that had been stolen and later on burnt, plus allusion to the mingling of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in all of it.

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