Joedy Cook North American Dogman Project

The Cosmic Switchboard Show welcomes Joedy Cook, one of the Founders of the North American Dogman Project which now has chapters across America and in a number of countries around the world.

Joedy Cook discusses the Dogman, a humanoid Wolf Being that has been reported down through the Ages. Joedy and his team investigated the many Dogman sightings in and around Germantown Ohio. Joedy reveals what he has learned from military sources about Humanoid Wolf Extraterrestrails.

Website: North American Dogman Project.

here is their YouTube channel: YouTube.

In Part 2 Joedy Cook talks about the harassment and surveillance his Team experienced as a result of their investigations into the Dogman Activity in the dreaded “Land Between the Lakes (LBL) Kentucky. Joedy reveals what a dying Fish and Game Warden told him about what a Dogman did in the LBL.

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Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:


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  1. Yes James , You and Freeman (also Eve Lorgen, H.Kautz-Vella etc.), are not as well known as Ike, Rogan & Jones ..; However, your ‘light lamenting’ about… “…sidling up for a conversation” …. and being unrecognized at conferences makes me Smile with both Relief & Appreciation ?. Your Authentic research with it’s clarity & the integrity of Direct Personal Experiences ….is Absolutely a Lighthouse rising up from the Bullshit Ocean of New Age Media Spin . As we know, the ‘New Age Cage’ has many Narcissistic Stars & Snake Oil Salesmen compulsively competing for attention: Selling out (seduction ) for attention & power can never be an option. As Our Collective Unconscious rises, all Authentic … ‘We-ness Works ‘ are contributions that Amplify Emerging Frequencies… and ARE Cracking Belief Masks …. Exponentially! Whether its happening fast enough to prevent another Alantis Experience , I don’t know. I’m a member of the… WERTHFUKRWE Tribe.. We engage, with Positive Intent, in local LOSTPLOTTERY and your Cosmic Switchboard is a… Big Beacon to Us !! ?

  2. This is very informative thank you guys. Having listened to most of Vic Cs’ dogman encounters radio show, I’m thankful for this. Cheers JB

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