Joseph Farrell Interview

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. Dr. Farrell ventures into “alternative history and science”. Following a paradigm of researching the relationship between alternative history and science.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell talks about The Cosmic War involving what amounted to a Civil War between “Gods” which in actual fact were a race of highly advanced Extraterrestrials. The ETs fought over an advanced weapons system that had Planet Busting Capabilities. In Part 1 Dr. Farrell talks about the basis for his thesis that long ago a cosmic interplanetary war occurred. Dr. Farrell talks about Dr. Thomas Van Flandern’s “Exploded Planet Hypothesis” and the possible physics behind this Planet busting weapon.

In Part 2 Dr. Joseph Farrell talks about the power source of the planet busting weapon, the Tablets of Destinies which may have been super advanced Targeting Software, Mars, Advanced German Weapons systems and possible recent deployments of a similar weapon as that wielded by these ancient aliens.
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  1. Thats so interesting that the geographical locations coincide with western conflict! Here I was thinking okay, the WMD searches were really about controlling the area and the oil fields. Then I heard of Australian commando’s patrolling and guarding poppy fields. It’s hard to keep up with these cabal liars.

    I mean, it was always confusing that 9/11 was blamed on bin laden. But instead of heading for Afghanistan they hit Iraq. Mass misdirection.

  2. I believe more and more that the true history is in the myths and legends, which I always loved to delve in and read about.

    I visited recently a place in our mountains (Romania), where is a megalithic cave and a place in the rock where the local legend says that it lays ‘the giant’, from “the first ones on earth’, first ones like fist people or men; and indeed it resembles a very large human silhouette resting.

    also, when you talked about the tablets of destiny, the ark of the covenant come into my mind – a similar type of device, so powerful, activated by the angels who used it for different purposes – to see the purity of the bloodline, to wars and so on.

    thank you, Dr.Farrel, I love your shows, thank you, James, again, the best guests possible, and maybe there will be a next show, where you can share with us the latest about Antarctica?

  3. I just felt to add..

    A heartfelt message of hope to all those suffering today and tomorrow. Where I am we just crossed into the 14th of july. Thank goodness thats over and friday has passed. In case you weren’t aware its the birthday of john dee. Forget lavey and crowley, dee was the fool that inadvertently welcomed enochian magick into this world.

    Black fridays are high ceremony times for the idiots. To coincide with the day of birth for someone as significant (to them) as dee, is time for mass (literally) celebration.

    So a thought, prayer and hug goes out to those used in ceremonies as tributes, vessels and oblations.

    May their passing be swift and that they get to a better place and not be entrapped here. May there be good people waiting to welcome them. I believe and hope that it can be like that.

    May we one day overcome the dark. Lest we forget.

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