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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.

In Part 1 of the Commentaries James discusses the compromises people in order to cope with this matrix prison planet. James cites three examples when people DID NOT compromise and made history in the process.

In Part 2 James Bartley discusses Alternate Realities and how some people seem to have the ability to go to alternate realities and make a positive impact and come back to our reality.


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  1. I appreciate the sentiments shared in parts 1 and 2 of this commentary James. With regards to dreams I’ve found that over the past 3 decades my ones change. Coming from a polynesian background dreams have always been a significant part of the family. It took a while to learn how to discern different dreams and where to pidgeon hole them. Some are a waste of time, some are symbolic and quite profound. So i do pay respect to how nutrition, fatigue, information download and stuff affects where my mind goes while awake or asleep. And of course i need to cast out that negative energy that often attacks through the dreamscape. Its tricky but worth it.

    One thing i felt impressed to share is that I’ve only had one out of body experience. But I’ve experienced many visions/dreams where i feel grounded or anchored to my body, but have an expanded point of view within that dream. If it makes sense its as though the viewing is from multiple angles, sometimes in quick succession, sometimes at the same time. Dreams of apocalyptic scenarios have always happened, but tuere have been beautiful ones as well. I recall one in particular that had animals and foliage that I had never seen and still haven’t seen. Swimming in pristine waters without needing to breathe, feeling that calm and solace while floating in space watching a star. Those good ones are fantastic and I appreciate them.

    Just as I’m typing i felt prompted to ask.. has anyone had an experience while sleeping where they feel a pain in their head, like a rattle gun but more of a slow thrum. But bloody painful too. That happened to me a few years ago. In the dream, with my eyes still closed i reached up with my right hand and found that there was a rectangular instrument being inserted into my skull. Kind of the shape of a metal ruler (used in school/construction/carpentry), cold to the touch, slightly chunkier than a metal ruler. I opened my eyes (still in the dream) and saw that the object was black, metallic, about a metre long and was oscillating. It had kind of a black static shimmering off the surface, kind of angry looking static. If that makes sense.

    But at the end of this object stood a figure, less than 6 foot tall and dressed in what looked like armour. The ‘armour’ was red and purple, non metallic and looked nothing like what we would see as a medieval design. The best way i could describe it would be ‘cosmic’. The head piece was enclosed so I couldnt see a face, there was a cape/robe attached to the shoulders. Again there was a red and purple colour scheme. In retrospect i couldn’t help but sense that the figure was female.

    So the figure is standing there holding this instrument and it’s trying to stick it through mu skull. Hell it hurt. As i mentioned earlier i reached up and grabbed hold of this metal thing. That was when i opened my eyes (in the dream) and saw the person. I was annoyed so i said to this thing ‘what do you think you’re doing?!’. It vanished, so did the instrument thing and I definitely got a sense that it was startled and got out of there. I immediately woke up out of the dream, my right arm still sticking in the air and my right fist clenched. My head was still hurting too and i uad a big headache for the rest of that day.

    So i went about trying to debunk the experience and came up with nothing. I havent seen anything like that object or person in movies, documentaries, books ive read etc.

    I wonder if it wasn’t a negative entity and was assisting with the removal of something. Its difficilt to tell and too easy to just say it was an attack by a negative. So I’m just waiting on the sidelines to see if anything comes out to help understand the situation.

    I should mention that one or two weeks prior to that ‘dream’ i had another one where i opened my eyes, found myself in the room as one would expect upon waking. But the roof of the room was gone, and instead of being a square roof it was now circular, and there was a round object full of bright flashing colours. I guess it looked like a whole bunch of LED’s organised into circular rows. And circular patterns, swirls and so on were going on.

    Oh yes and now that i mention these i recall having an experience in tje same room maybe a year before these 2 dreams. It was night time, room was dark, i was falling asleep and i heard a disembodied female voice whisper into my left ear. When i looked up at the roof i could see a black static vortex/funnel warping the ceiling. As usual i attempted to see if it was the curtains blowing or shadows from tree branches outside moving. But it was a completely cloudy night, so no moon. There was no breeze and the window was locked. Also, when i laid back down and looked up i could only see the static when my left eye was open. When i tried using just my right eye the ceiling was normal. I was completely conscious and this went on for a good hour until i got too bored and tired of it and went to sleep.

  2. This planet is not for the faint hearted. Your experiences are mind boggling. I’ve had a few myself. Will this war ever end?

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