How to Protect Yourself from Radiation

cell-phone-antennaRadiation is increasing in our world. If we want to maintain our health we need to protect our self against it. Ideally we could just turn off the device that is causing the radiation but that is not always possible. Below are some ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of radiation. This article focuses on protecting yourself from radiation but these vitamins, supplements and herbs have more beneficial effects that are not mentioned in this article.

Most of the items below that protect against radiation also protect against toxins, and boost the immune system protecting the body from viruses, bacteria, and fungus.Everything mentioned below is beneficial even if you were not exposed to any radiation. Also remember that by living on earth and are exposed to cosmic radiation all the time so even if you live in a rural area it is still beneficial to protect yourself.

If you fly then you should be careful to protect yourself against radiation because an hour in the air is months worth of radiation on the ground, depending on the latitude of the flight.


resveratrolResveratrol – Protects chromosomes from radiation, and has anti-tumor activity. Besides protecting from radiation Resveratrol has many other benefits. There is a small amount of resveratrol in some red wines if they have been made well but other sources of resveratrol are more concentrated.



quercetinQuercetin – Protects lipids, chromosomes and mitochondria. Quercetin can be found in apples, grapes, tea, nuts, berries, cauliflower, cabbage and onions. Quercetin can also support the lungs, heart, healthy blood pressure and support the body in times of stress.



polyphenolsPolyphenols – Polyphenols protect against radiation as well as modify the expression of genes that protect against radiation in a positive way. Polyphenols have a lot of other benefits. Polyphenols protect against the suns ultra violet radiation in addition to protection against radiation from electronic devices.



growing_green_teaEpigallocatechin gallate, (EGCG) a polyphenol from Green Tea prevents the oxidation of lipids and extends life. Epigallocatechin gallate can also protect against hair loss and age spots on the skin.



melatonin_sar_structure-svgMelatonin – Studies have shown that melatonin is depleted by radiation and taking melatonin protects against radiation.( Melatonin is an antioxidant that can get into every cell in the body. Melatonin should be taken before you go to sleep because melatonin regulates sleep. A study by Walter Pierpaoli showed that women who took 10mg of melatonin each night before sleep showed virtually no aging on their face. Melatonin applied to the hair has been shown to bind to DHT receptors, blocking DHT and help to prevent hair loss.


turmericCurcumin from Turmeric – Curcumin protects against lipid peroxidation, and up regulates the genes responsible for cell death in cancer. We recommend whole turmeric and not curcumin extract because there are many other beneficial compounds in turmeric. Most of the ground turmeric that you can buy is rancid so we recommend getting whole turmeric root and grinding it yourself. Turmeric has more benefits than just protecting against radiation.


high_sulfur_vegetablesHigh Sulfur Content Vegetables / Legumes- High Sulfur vegetables help to boost the antioxidant glutathione. These vegetables also provide compounds necessary to protect against inhalation of automobile exhaust that we all breathe when we drive.


milk_thistle_flowerSilymarin, an extract from milk thistle – Protects the liver from chemical toxins as well as radiation. Silymarian is also an antioxidant. Silymarian has other benefits as well.


antioxidants-vs-free-radicalsAntioxidants – Antioxidants found in plant based foods, protect against oxidative damage caused by radiation. Antioxidants protect your cells from stress, exercise generated free radicals and a bad diet. Antioxidants are crucial to staying healthy in old age.


beneficial_spicesHerbs & Spice – Many herbs and spices have excellent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are key to protecting against free radicals and oxidative damage caused by radiation.


ace_vitaminsVitamins A, C & E – These Vitamins are one of the bodies primary antioxidant systems and protect against oxidation. Most animals can produce their own vitamin C. Humans need vitamin C from their diet.



n-acetyl-l-cysteineN-Acetyl L-Cysteine – N-Acetyl  L-Cysteine protects against radiation before and after exposure.


orginite_radiation_protectionOrgonite – Orgonite changes deadly orgone energy into beneficial energy and can help protect against radiation.


shieldingShielding – If your neighbor has a smart meter or there is a device that creates a lot of radiation shielding can block it. You do not want to live in a completely shielded room because a study was done where people lived in a room that was completely shielded and they had horrible health problems. This was because a completely shielded room blocked the earth’s beneficial frequencies.



smart_meterSmart Meter – Smart Meters use pulsed microwave radiation and turn the electrical lines in your house into cancer causing transmitters. Most localities have a program to remove these.



If you use WiFi turn down the transmit power on your access point, increase the beacon interval on your access point or turn it off completely and use a usb wireless device connected to a long usb extension cable to keep the wifi away from your body.

DO NOT USE DECT Phones – These transmit radiation all the time even when you are not using them,

Cell Phone Tips – Put your cell phone in power save mode and turn off background data in order to protect yourself from unnecessary data.



Some Effects of Cell Phones, WiFi, DECT Phones (Microwave Radiation) on You

Activation of Voltage Gated Calcium Channels, causing too much calcium to enter the cell causing oxidative damage and cell death. (
Oxidative Damage & Cancer (
DNA Breaks (Double & Single Stranded)
DNA Damage (
Breakdown of the Blood Brain Barrier
Negatively impacts Brain Energy Metabolism (
Damages Mitochondrial Structure (

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