A Course in Empowerment Dialogue With Dean

Dean is a certified nutritional consultant who helps people to heal their body and mind through vitamins, life style and energetics. Most health problems are caused by a lack of knowledge about health because people are dis empowered. A course in empowerment tries to change that by giving you the information to take control of your health and life without being dependent on anyone else. Dean can be contacted through The Cosmic Switchboard.
In Part 1 of Dialogue With Dean, James Bartley and Dean talk about a new feature called “A Course in Empowerment.” Dean and James discuss the various traps set by the matrix to keep us in a densified, energetically blocked and unproductive state. Some things that are talked about are the matrix reality, the law of attraction, nutrition, factory farming, food additives and vaccines. Dean also talks about how to help anxiety with vitamins and protect your health from wifi while still using it.
In Part 2 James Bartley and Dean discuss identifying the source of negative feelings which seem to stem from a person, place or thing but may be related to incidents in the past which have been embedded in the subconscious. Other topics include learning from past life associations, deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction and the importance of detaching from negative people who use you as a negative emotions garbage dumpster.


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