Bad Electronic Drugs – A Tough Pill To Swallow

What if I told you that you were taking far more drugs than you thought?
What if I told you that these drugs were invisible and you did not even need to swallow them?
What if I told you that these drugs bypassed your liver, kidneys and immune system?
What if I told you that these drugs affect every cell in your body?
What if I told you that these drugs are all around us and affect us every minute of every day?

Would you be scared or would you think that I was completely insane?

The truth is that all of this is real. I am not talking about pills or vaccines. I am talking about waves and frequencies. There are huge numbers of electronic waves and frequencies that are beaming their payload into our body all the time. Some of these include: radio waves, cell phone radiation, alternating current frequency from power lines and power outlets, light from computer, television and cell phone screens, radiation from cordless phones, satellite radiation, emf produced by cars, harmonics injected into power wiring by switching power supplies and many more.

The one thing that all these waves and frequencies have in common is that they hurt us. These waves and frequencies make us sick, dumb, depressed, sad, ugly, weak, complacent and are a part of the matrix control system designed to keep us locked in an electronic hell hole. These waves and frequencies are chaotic and random and introduce chaos and disorder into our mind and body. When you think of an electronic wave you probably think of a sine wave but most of the waves that are transmitted are chaotic square waves. The square waves in picture 2 are what most waves being transmitted look like. These are the waves coming out of your cell phone, computer, tablet and most devices that transmit radiation.

(1): Sine Wave



(2): Chaotic Square Waves


Some knowledge about waves and frequencies is well known by engineers but other knowledge about them is purposely kept secret. Most people know that a wifi wave transmits information into a computer but the same wave also transmits information into your body. The information that is transmitted into your body is a lot different than the information that is transmitted into your computer. Not only do these waves affect you, they transmit information into anything with DNA or a water molecule so you get a double dose of the waves when they transmit into the food that you eat.

Amplitude – The height of the wave is the amplitude. The wave amplitude is controlled by how much power is put into the device that creates the wave. A device that is powered by 1 mW is less biologically active than a device that is powered by 100mW. When wireless devices first came out it was common knowledge that if your devices transmits at greater than 5 mW you should have a professional deal with it because it can be dangerous but now home routers are defaulted at anywhere from 70 mW to 500 mW. A wireless router transmitting at 1-5 mW is more than enough to cover a 3000 square foot home.

Frequency – The frequency is how fast a wave changes from negative to positive or zero to on in a second. Different frequencies can do different things to your body. Frequencies in the range of about 8 hz -15 hz are beneficial to your body but frequencies in the range of 2.4ghz (2.4 billion hertz) are extremely harmful. There are all kinds of frequencies. Some can make you happy, some make you sad, some make you lethargic, etc…

Amplitude + Frequency: If a wave is the correct amplitude and frequency it can do additional damage to your body. For example a 2.4 ghz wave (a common wireless frequency) were transmitted at a high enough frequency it would cause voltage gated calcium channels in your cells to open causing too much calcium to go into the cell. Frequency or amplitude alone is not enough to do this.

Waveform – Different waveforms affect the body differently. The most biologically active wave form is the square wave shown in picture 2.

Chaos – In picture 1 above you see a wave that repeats at a constant interval. In picture 2 you see that the first (top) wave repeats at a constant interval but the rest of the waves below are random and chaotic. Chaotic waves are usually more harmful and can also be used as a carrier to encode information. An example of this is electric meters that transmit in bursts, since the transmission is not constant the cells in your body can not get used to this and it is much more harmful.

Wave collisions – Waves interact with each other as well as your body. When waves collide with each other they can change each other and create new waves. Due to the shear volume of waves transmitted some collide and create other waves. These newly created waves also affect your body. Usually the more devices transmitting a wave the more powerfully the waves affect your body. If you are downtown with 100 wireless access points all transmitting at the same time this is alot worse than if you are in a rural area with only a few wireless access points transmitting.

Time of Day – When you are sleeping harmful waveforms hurt your body more. DECT phones transmit harmful waves 24 hours a day.

Not only can information be transmitted through electronic waves it can be transmitted through light and sound. CFL bulbs have a frequency that is harmful to you. The light from televisions, computer screens, phone screens, and tablets is usually transmitted at 60hz or 120hz. This frequency is a resonant frequency of the brain and puts the mind to sleep. Before flat screens were popular crt monitors could be changed from 60hz to 85hz. I would recommend that everyone should change their monitor from 60hz to 85hz in order to avoid the problems with looking at 60hz light. Now most monitors are fixed at 60hz and most televisions are fixed at 60hz or 120hz.

If this topic interests you please leave a comment and I will write more on this. If this does not interest you leave a comment as well and I will write on something else.

You can now read more about how to protect yourself from radiation.

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  1. Great article, can we clearly explain now how we can defend ourselves against it so the article isn’t just how we are being assaulted but ehat we can do!

  2. Great article always looking for ways to help protect my family from the constant bombardment we have to deal with every day thank you for the info.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback! I am working on an article on how to protect your self from the radiation that will be posted in the next week or 2.

  3. I just had a thought after reading this article. For me it’s hard to sleep with out a night light. It almost seems that people can get addicted to theses electric drugs with out realizing it. I see this in myself. I’ve been trying to turn off the wifi during the night when no one is using it and in the morning everyone seems irritated that I even turned it off. I definitely get a deeper sleep but I do feel a bit dizzy in the morning without the wifi on all night. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Thanks

  4. I can’t wait to read your ideas for protecting ourselves from this along with any other in-depth and helpful information you are prepared to share…Thank you for yet another wake up call that I will be passing on to as many as possible…

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