Interview with Naome Swan

Naome Swan has studied extensively in the fields of Emotional Healing and Spiritual Counseling. She is a Certified Vipassana Meditator, as well as a Certified Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Certificate of Ordination, Reiki Master, and Certified in the School of Sexual Energy Virus. She was most recently certified as a Holographic Kinetics Practitioner.

She assists with past life time loops, inner insight, after death communication, sensitivities, inner child healing, soul retrieval, pre-birth emotional healing, vibrational energy scans, support with infertility issues, and is highly skilled with Twin Flame/Relationship challenges.

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Naome’s Website is Embody Energetic Ecstasy

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  1. Thank you for this amazing interview, James and Naome! I can personally relate to so much of what you are saying here, in particular, the hero/heroine programming. For most of my adult life, I seemed to be on a mission to “save the people”–whether they wanted to be saved or not. After listening to this interview, I have come to realize that it’s really not my responsibility to do that. But it IS my responsibility to work on myself, take better care of myself, and become MY OWN hero. Don’t get me wrong, I will ALWAYS love people and assist them whenever it’s appropriate to do so. However, from now on I will be a lot more discerning and set my boundaries and adhere to them. I sincerely appreciate the lessons learned here tonight! Many blessings to you both…..

    • I had no idea that you wrote this post…..please forgive me. After I read your comment I am so glad your taking responsibility for yourself and setting boundaries. We’re all taught to be co-dependent and we’re not playing that sacrificing game anymore! Way to go! Thank you for stepping into your Power!

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