The Love Bite

Liz developed her own remote crystal therapy which she refers to as “Distance Crystal Therapy Sessions. Liz is a close colleague of James Bartley
Liz The Magelion returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss her Alien Love Bite experiences with a narcissistic reptilian hybrid with odious characteristics. Liz was nearly murdered by this reptilian hybrid perp. Liz’s story about her relationship with this reptilian hybrid is a cautionary tale to all women whether they believe in the Alien Love Bite or not.
In Part 2 of the discussion about the Alien Love Bite, Liz The Magelion goes into details about another instance when the Archons tried to make her think she had met her “Twin Flame” and how she determined it was just another alien love bite set up. Liz describes the three things she had to do to overcome the alien love bite and recognize its manifestations in case the ETs tried to set her up again in a love bite scenario.

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