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Sachita has had many encounters with a particular faction of the reptilians. She is intimately familiar with the reptilian culture, how they think and why they behave the way they do. In the past she had entered into a consensual sexual relationship with a male reptilian she called “Sal” who had high rank within this particular reptilian society. Sachita has been taken into reptilian bases and seen what goes on down there. She has also been taken into military bases and has had encounters with thuggish military personnel. She has seen the Spider Humanoids which have been created by the reptilians to move alien abductees from one facility to another. Sachita provides a unique perspective on the reptilian culture which she found herself immersed in.

The information Sachita provides comes from her unique perspective of having been closely connected to a particular Reptilian Culture. The views expressed by Sachita do not necessarily represent the views expressed by The Cosmic Switchboard Show.

That much being said, in Part 2 Sachita provides invaluable information about how Reptilians choose humans as targets of opportunity and how they develop an intel file or data base on an individual so the reptilian can create an Astral Dreamscape Scenario(s) and Stage Managed Dreams which will allow the reptilian to get what it wants from the human be it sexual energy, emotional energy etc. Sachita says breaking the Dream Interference is the first step towards detaching from the reptilians who are trying to engage with humans.

Sachita talks about understanding the Reptilian Value System. Sachita talks about how the Human Orgasm is used as a means to reinforce programming. This is something Barbara Bartholic and I learned independently years ago. Sachita talks about how one can learn from one’s own Sexual Fantasies. She talks about the Sadistic Female Reptilians and she talks about how the Draco usually target those who have innate metaphysical abilities. Sachita also talks about the Time Travel Ops she’s been on.  This is a MUST LISTEN to Part 2 of this interview.

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  1. …. I had a lot of experiences with a few different types of ET beings and MIB… Been to a few different underground facilities here and been to other places deep in the earth; Also Moon and Mars underground bases. Learning more about other people stories helps also, so I am looking to hearing about her experiences and encounters… Cheers and thanks.

  2. Hello iv spoken to James through text about me having a reptilian mess with me during my sleeping hours and or in my dreams which is how I seen his body the first time .he comes and goes at times iv thought to myself it was all in my head and then he pays a visit with me .

  3. My desire to hear the 2nd hr of this interview, finally got me to join. Absolutely worth it. Thank you. Looking forward to finding more gems.

  4. I’v just joined, excellent value, love James work.. have recently been told by a psychic I know I have been a target by a large group of green reptiles aboard a craft for the past twenty seven years This apparently has now been cleared but looking back at the immense emotional problems and pain, I have had to endure, what I have been told begins to make a lot of sense. I had been spotted by them years ago, they recognised me. I was unaware of all this at the time. but know a great deal now. Its a lot to swallow but again looking back and putting it all together, I begin to wonder..I am feeling immensely better now, but the past has been purgatory ….I was told I resisted them all the time they tried to influence me and make me do some thing bad. Looking back I got the upper hand eventually…. they have lost and been banished elsewhere, I was told, life is better now..

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