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laura-leonlaura-leon-3Laura Leon is a forensic ‘anomalous’ profiler, Spirit seer, holographic kinetics practitioner and quantum energy shifter. Laura has studied the fields of psychology, anthropology, archeology and environmental politics at a university level. Laura is a survivor of military and alien abductions. Laura’s life goal is “revealing the game”

In Part 1 Laura discusses Hyperdimensional Relationship Dynamics, Holographic Kinetics “Dreamtime Healing, Core Wounds, Organic Artificial Intelligence, detaching from narcissists, the Alien Love Bite, the octopus-like parasitical connection which is artificial and magical in nature between alien love bite victims and the agenda the parasitical entities have for “Planet Farm” i.e. Planet Earth.

“Everything you think you know has been fabricated to keep you seduced and asleep… The Feudal System Never Left & You Are Chattel Owned” –Laura Leon

laura-leon-4In Part 2 Laura discusses Past Life Connections that are used for purposes of “imprinting,” Superimposed Story line Realities, the Mandela Effect, Milab Time Loops, Teleportation, Implants, her anomalous medical history, Antiverse Artificial Intelligence, Ultimate Transhumanism, Visions of the Future, the splitting of Earth and the Coming Great Deception.

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Laura Leon’s Book: Another Reality

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  1. Wow! Great show, very eye opening.

    I guess its time to revaluate my life. The past few years my creativity has plummeted yet my mates has excelled. I dont think he would intentionally siphon it, perhaps i am giving it away?

    I love listening to the show! Great topics and informative guests.

  2. i’ve been hoping you would interview laura. late now so i’ll wait til i’m awake, but i greatly look forward to what you two have to say.


  3. Thanks Laura and thanks James. Fascinating – the real stuff. I love this interview and really happy Laura has shared her gifts and knowledge freely with us here. Thanks again!!!

  4. i look forward to hearing about something other than relationships, although it sheds some light on the past. there comes a point when you’re all alone … brilliant stuff, though. keep it coming!

  5. 43 minute mark, what is the prerequisite once that re-atomizing is done? Hmmm, odd way to label it, because so many dark nights of the soul happen ‘as the prerequisite’ itself, to even hope any form from anywhere can do a re-atomizing. Plus, in a dark night state, it’s not even safe short circuit wise. Also, to add, it is no “night” or dark “night”, no, that shit lasts for months , years , etc. plus, you can plummet into “dark nights” numerous times. You potentially could spend most of your life in a dark night of the soul. I can’t speak for everyone , but yeah, I’d be impressed if you don’t commit suicide in various setups on earth that I cannot speak for other ppl’s setups. Garble, but you know , as I don’t know how deep the free ride on earth goes for “gamers” compared to “real people”, just to leave it at that for touching on the subject. Not that that is something to use the word impress or astounded by, but as a description : yeah , who knows how many would suicide. So, this type of immortality goes after the immortality of something of a Prey, and not everyone gets rejuvenated because of the both-are-victims thing whilst a 3rd party, Buts let’s think of a near death experiencer or someone who feels that they have even survived suicide, I wonder if those go on to, or go other way, of preying on more suicide or dreary situations with the remaining potential earth empathetic walking etc. if that happens, I guess you could still choose two ways to apply it. To conclude, it’s wild how the archon forces can basically make grown ppl of 40 years old or more raped like a defenseless child , and even if not literally raped, nonetheless, it’s applicable as a warning of the reality of the cycle of doom or uneasiness that can Energetically appreciate or depreciate . Plus, nobody talks about it, yet it’s spoken all around you on the slick as a schizophrenic news bit flaunted in your face. Still, I’m not sure how many ppl or how few ppl ‘have a say’ in all this mess, even if the locals yap about the subject/object. Word to the wises: earth is not worth living on unless a God shows up here or is here. Otherwise, it’s just a nameless dead God and nobody has a clue to the level of weaknesses. Everybody is full of shit and blind , and it’s a cycle of predation and an ever increasing loss or skewing of what’s proper and not proper. Even if life here is an Individual experience or form of growth , there’s nothing worthwhile here if there is not a living God . How that would happen, I don’t know, but check out the Herod metaphor of how, yeah, they kind of murder all of us before we are born, or weeks after we are born given the metaphor of the Herod after Jesus. I am guessing that the ratio of humans in a setup TO(:) archons manipulating them on a social or family setup could be upwards of 1:400 “people”. Possibly 4 thousand .

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