8 Reasons Why You Age Faster, Die Sooner and Have Chronic Disease

DNA Methylation

dna_methylationHave you ever wondered why people die early, a lot of times with chronic debilitating diseases? Imagine if you could live well over 100 years in good health. In this article and future articles I am going to discuss known ways people age, die and get chronic disease as well as how to protect yourself so that you have a high quality and long life. A lot of the symptoms that we commonly relate to aging can be prevented and reversed with proper nutrition.

In this article I will discuss some of the nutritional things that cause problems for a lot of people.

1. Lack of Nutrition and Minerals

Most people do not get enough minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium or iron depending on their diet. When the body is low on minerals a lot of metabolic processes do not work properly.

calciumCalcium – If you get enough of the right forms of calcium your body can store the calcium in your soft tissue and use it to buffer your blood. If you do not get enough calcium and have depleted your soft tissue reserve of calcium your body has no choice but to pull calcium from your bones in order to buffer your blood. The form of calcium that is used for bones is different than the form of calcium that is stored in soft tissue. At the end of the day your body can not excrete calcium extracted from bones so it deposits it in your fingers as arthritis, your eye which causes glaucoma or other parts of your body where it should not be.

Magnesium – Due to low quality produce most people do not get enough magnesium. Magnesium is critical for thousands of functions of the body. Magnesium turns on over 20 beneficial genes and turns off over 20 bad genes. Some symptoms of low magnesium are cramps, heart arrhythmias, migraines, insomnia and depression.

Most people are low on calcium and magnesium if they do not supplement or grow their own food. There are many more minerals such as zinc, selenium and iron that the body needs and if these are low you will have health problems.

2. Loss of Methyl Groups

methyl_groupDNA Methylation is a relatively new concept. The body uses methyl groups to turn on and off genes. People have lots of genes that when activated will cause a lot of problems such as viral dna and cancer dna. People also have a lot of beneficial genes that when not switched on will cause problems. The body will attach a methyl group to the DNA’s cytosine base to turn it on or off depending on the gene. Every time you eat a raw food meal you lose 1,200 methyl groups and every time you eat a cooked food meal you lose 1,800 methyl groups. When you run out of methyl groups bad genes are expressed and good genese are not expressed.


3. Lack of Anti Oxidants

anti-oxidantsCell metabolism creates free radicals. The body uses antioxidants to prevent damage to cells by free radicals. Most people do not get enough antioxidants in their diet. This is due to the wrong diet and modern farming methods which produce inferior quality food. When there are not enough antioxidants in the diet, free radicals damage the body. Oxidative damage is one marker of aging. Older people have more oxidative damage than younger people.


4. Telomere Shortening

telomereAt the end of DNA telomeres protect the genetic information. Each time the DNA divides the telomeres get shorter and shorter. Most animals produce an enzyme called telomerase which lengthens the telomeres, humans do not. Humans have the gene for telomerase but it is not active and is in a “genetic lock box”. When the telomeres get too short you reach the hayflick limit and cells stop dividing.


5. Accumulation of Toxins

toxinsAs people age they accumulate toxins. These toxins come from the air, water and food as well as electronic toxins such as radiation. These toxins accumulate in the body (radiation does not usually accumulate in the body but the damage from the radiation does). These toxins continually poison the body and interrupt metabolic processes. These toxins are so bad that the body stores them in fat cells and does not want to release them because releasing them will damage the body. This is one reason why some people have a hard time losing weight.

6. Accumulation of Parasites

stained_parasiteMost of the world does regular parasite cleanses. People in western countries believe that parasites stop at their borders. Parasites can by spread through food, by walking bare feet, by swimming in parasite infested water, by breathing and by touch. Parasites can enter the body through the hands, feet, skin, lungs and mouth. Parasites stay in your body eating the best nutrients, while creating toxins that irritate your nerves and body. Parasites can enter your brain affecting how you think. Some parasites also consume parts of your body. Some parasites are a medical emergency and will cause death quickly. Other parasites stay in your body for decades undetected lowering the quality of your life causing chronic disease.

7. Incorrect Diet

bad_dietMost people are eating the wrong diet. Some people just eat what they want to eat and do not care about their health at all. A lot of people eat the wrong diet believing that they are being healthy. Just because a food is organic does not make it healthy. Eating the wrong diet is like putting a small amount of sugar in your gas tank every time you get gas. This will eventually damage your car. The same is true about eating the wrong diet. The wrong diet will damage your body. Eating the wrong diet is not just about what you eat but how you combine your foods, how much you eat and when you eat. Most people believe that they are eating a healthy diet because that is what they learned in school but most people have no clue what the correct diet is for them.


8. Bad Supplements

bad_vitaminsPeople who try to become healthy take supplements believing that they will improve their health. Most supplements sold at stores are garbage while a small minority are good. An example is a calcium supplement. A good food based calcium supplement will help keep bones strong with a form of calcium that is easily absorbed. A bad calcium supplement will provide the wrong form of calcium which can raise blood pressure and put an increased load on the kidneys or cause kidney damage. Vitamin C in a good food based supplement is extremely beneficial. Ascorbic acid which is in most vitamin C supplements is not good for you. Good vitamin B supplements will provide a wide range of benefits while low quality vitamin B supplements are made from coal tar derivatives that take 16 steps to convert into a usable form and are not beneficial. There are good and bad forms of almost every supplement. Avoiding the bad forms of supplements is like trying to walk on a mine field and not getting blown up. What makes things even worse are supplement additives. Additives like magnesium stearate, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, artificial colorings and flavor enhancers make supplements toxic. If you had one of these ingredients in some candy the cells would close up and not let the bad ingredients in. If the same bad ingredient is in a supplement that your body needs, your cells will open to allow the nutrient and toxins in.


The above are just a few things that shorten your life and lower your quality of life. In a future article I will discuss more things as well as things that you can do lengthen your life, improve your quality of life and reverse damage that is already done. The body is smart and if it is supplied with the correct nutrition can heal itself, kill parasites, fix oxidative damage, lengthen telomeres and re-methylate DNA.

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