Large Mother Ship, Encounter with Aliens Beings in US NAVY West Base Command Building in Vieques Island

By Jorge Martín Miranda


Officer Reynaldo Calzada’s Testimony

jorge_martin_reynaldo_calzadaMr. Reynaldo Calzada worked for thirty five years as supervisor of the security guards in the U.S. Navy bases located in the island-municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

During that time he had witnessed, along with his fellow security guards, several significant UFO related incidents inside the bases.
“My first experience with these sort of events was back in 1971 or 1972 -said Mr. Calzada.

“One night, at 2:20 AM… I still remember the time because what occurred really shook me up. I was patrolling, together with other guards, an area near the breakwater site where explosives were stored, when a circular object came down from the sky and suspended itself in the air right in front of us.

ufo_in_sky“It was a flying saucer, and it had many violet colored lights all around of it. It hovered there for several minutes, and then it suddenly jumped up and ascended extremely fast.

“We kept watching it through our binoculars. It went up into the sky, and at a certain point, thanks to its lights, we were able to see that there was another larger object up there, too. This larger object was elongated, cigar-shaped, and dark.

“The first object, the saucer, entered the second land larger object, the cigar-shaped one, and moments later two more ships (two discs) like the first came out of the larger object. They came down and made several circles around us.

“The smaller objects were some 20 to 30 feet in diameter. The elongated one was of immense proportions. I do not dare to speculate on its size because, it was very high in altitude. But it was really huge. The other crafts kept flying around it, going inside of it, and then coming out again.

“We kept asking ourselves how something that big could just hang up there in the sky like that without falling to the ground. Obviously, it must have been very heavy. Then, the smaller crafts entered it again, and it flew away. We lost sight of it in the dark sky.

“I won’t deny that we were scared, mainly because we were afraid those smaller crafts might do something to the explosives stored in the area, that some incident might occur, but they left.

“They were not any type of conventional aircraft. They looked like what some people call extraterrestrial crafts or UFOs, flying saucers.

“Other events of the same sort had occurred in the area. We were
“For example, on a previous occasion, at about 1:00 AM we went to the ‘Water Point,’ a site in which there was a fresh water tank for us to use in Camp García. When we got there, a U.S. Navy sentry kept yelling at us, and seemed very nervous. He was a Puerto Rican guard named Luis Avilés.

“He told us he had seen a bright flash of light and went check out to see what it was and found himself in front of a flying saucer that was hovering right over the water tank.

“Just by chance, he had a camera with him and took several pictures of the object. After that, afraid, he went back into the building and waited there until we arrived.

“The incident was reported and some people from Roosevelt Roads came, debriefed him concerning to the event, took the roll of film from his camera, and left. This was in the early 1970s, so, as you can see, this kind of things have been going on here for quite some time.”

But what impressed Mr. Calzada the most was an encounter he experienced with two unusual entities. This was in 1972. It took place a couple of days after the water tank incident.

He elaborated on the event: “This incident happened at 2:30 AM. I was on foot patrol at the command center building in the western base near the barracks area.

“As I came out of the building -he said-, I saw two small kids standing in front of the flagpoles. They were wearing a sort of one piece, tightfitting overall suit, bright grey suits which covered their entire bodies except for their faces. Their heads were covered by hoods of the same material, with openings for their faces.

“I was surprised to see two small kids there at that time of the morning all by themselves.

“I approached them and they just stood there, staring at me. When I got to a distance of ten feet from them, I was able to see them better, and that is when I realized that they were not children at all, but something different, something not normal. They were weird looking.

alien_gray“They both were about three feet tall, and had frail, thin bodies. Their heads were a little larger than ours, but not too much. Their eyes were big and elongated to the sides of their heads, totally green, with something like an inner brightness inside of them. They had no eyebrows.

“They were very pale, with a white-grey skin, and their noses were very small. Their mouths were also small, and looked like holes without lips (see illustration), and their pointy ears extended upwards.

“Also, their arms extended down to their knees, and their hands were long fingered. But I can’t recall how many fingers they had.
“I was shocked. And looked around in the area to see if there were more of them, but there were none.

“When I looked back again, they were gone. I ran inside and reported everything to a base officer by the name of López, also a Puerto Rican, and we made a search in the area, but found nothing.”

At the time of our interview with him, officer Calzada was in charge of the security surveillance system in the R.O.T.H.R. (over the horizon radar system) offices in Playa Grande, in the south of Vieques. He told us of an event he witnessed one afternoon around 2:00 PM, as he was watching the closed circuit security monitors.

“I looked at one of the monitors,” he explained. “I think it was monitor number 6, which was pointed at the lagoon nearby, Playa Grande lagoon, when something appeared on the screen.

“The camera was registering the image of something similar to an unidentified flying object, a UFO. It was a huge circular object with a dome on top of its upper section. It looked metallic, grayish.

“It was a clear, sunny day, and I could see it clearly. It was hovering right over Playa Grande lagoon. I ran to the controls. I wanted to do some close ups on the object, but as the camera started closing in on it, the object made a sudden jump up into the sky, and disappeared.

“I could not follow it with the cameras because they can only move to the right and the left, and only a little bit up and down, not much. As I was not able to move the cameras upwards, I lost sight of the object.

us_navy_radar_system“I reported the incident to my immediate supervisor, who informed the Raytheon Corporation, who installed the radar system there and administered it for the U.S. NAVY, and some U.S. Navy representatives as well.

“They took the video cassette containing the images of the UFO, sealed it with a paper seal bigger in size than the one regularly used, and identified it with a series of numbers on its side. After this, the videotape disappeared from the office.

“This is a procedure they use to identify the tapes which contain images of objects of this type and other important events we have filmed, ‘special data.’ The people from the U.S. Navy and Raytheon Corporation do not talk with us about these incidents. They have private meetings in a conference room on the premises where they discuss the matter, but never with us.

“Also, during our nightly patrols of the areas where the explosives are kept, some of us have observed small sized flying discs and luminous sphere-shaped objects that come down from the sky and fly around the area.

ufo_base_map“After a while, the objects fly away or enter the sea south of Playa Grande. Later on they re-emerge from the sea and fly away at great speed.

“I believed at first that all this, the crafts, etc., could belong to U.S. Government secret projects, but after encountering those two beings who were not human, I changed my opinion.

“Everything has to do with aliens, extraterrestrials, and if this is the case, this situation is of tremendous significance. We are talking about contact with an alien species here in Vieques.

“The time has come for us to speak up, to tell the truth about what is happening.

“It is because of this that disclosing all this hasn’t mattered to me, and I still work for the company that provides security services to the radar facilities and the U.S. Navy in Vieques.

“This is much too important. The world must know that ALL THIS IS REAL, that these crafts and beings have been seen here in Vieques, and in Puerto Rico.”

The disclosures made by officer Calzada were confirmed by other security officers who worked at the R.O.T.H.R. site.

More UFOs Over the ROTHR Antennaes
Statement by officar Angel Luis Mercado

US NAVY civilian guard Angel Luis Mercado told us both he and a fellow female security guard (name withheld) had personally observed on the screen of one of the security monitors a huge flying saucer type craft that hung motionless directly over the radar’s antennas. The event happened one night in august of year 2000.

He described the craft as “…huge, saucer shaped and metallic, silvery, with many windows all around of it.”

“The UFO was videotaped” -he stated- “by the security systems cameras, but some people from Roosevelt Roads came and took the tape away.”

“But to tell the truth, this sort of things have been happening here for a long time, many years.

“I remember that one night, many years ago, I was 12 years old and was fishing with my father inside Camp García, in El Tablón lagoon sector, and all of a sudden a large silent oval-shaped light came down from the sky and beamed a bright light on us. Everything around us looked as in daylight. We left, but that thing kept pacing us and beaming that light on us for a long period of time.

“Also, a fellow guard, a woman named Aida, was confronted by another of those things one night when she entered the Camp, and it kept flying overhead, in front of her, shining a similar beam of white light over her until she arrived at the Observation Point #1 building in Camp García. It then flew up and dissapeared.

“At this moment I believe we are not alone in this Universe, that there are other beings…and they may be already here with us. The Government must know about it, but they won’t tell.”

Another Confidential Source’s Statement about US Navy / Raytheon Personnel Checking Videotaped UFOs

Another member of the US NAVY security personnel confided more information to us as long as we kept his identity secret, as he was afraid of “…reprisals from the US Navy.”

He told us that one day he entered the room where the videotapes were stacked and saw some Americans examining a tape that apparently had been recorded in the previous night.

He glanced casually to the monitor screen they were using and was surprised to see “…the image of something big and round that was suspended motionless in the night sky. It was hovering above the ground in front of the antennas array”.

Many individual beams of white light were coming down from all around the object’s rim. These beams of light extended all the way down to the groundm forming a “…circle of light columns on the ground.”

Noticing that his presence annoyed the Americans, he quickly left the room.

“I am very sure of what I saw in the screen. It was something like an OVNI, a UFO, a big flying saucer.

“Other guards had already reported seeing such things there at the ROTHR site, but I had to see this for myself to believe it was really happening”, our source finally stated.

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  1. Mr.Jorge Martin Miranda’s reports, interviews, and observations have been providing the World with a history of UFOS/USOS/OVNIS and other anomalies related to alien life/extraterrestrials in Puerto Rico for many years now. Even so, the reporting of these anomalies and events that have taken place is rarely reported or disseminated outside of the Island. It is fascinating to watch the show “Ancient Aliens” refer to anomalies and mysteries all over the planet, yet never report on the long history of UFOS/OVNIS and the US Military in Puerto Rico. They continually refer to anomalies & UFOS in New Mexico/Nevada, yet are unable to see the richness of possibilities awaiting an open mind in Puerto Rico’s Yunque Rain Forest and many other sites. There exists video/photography from NASA or International Space Station depicting a UFO exiting the Ocean near Puerto Rico and flying at extreme speeds to Outer Space. Just a thought to ponder!

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