Genetic Engineering and Hybridization Embedded in the Languages of the Past – Dan Armstrong Interview

Dan is a life long experiencer who has had ET, Milab and Alternate Reality Experiences. He is also a keen student of history and has studied Political Science. He has lived and travelled extensively in the Far East, Mexico and Europe.

Dan Armstrong returns to the Switch to discuss the hidden meaning of certain reliefs, engravings, statues and sculptures. Drawing upon the work of Pierre Sabak and Mauro Biglino, Dan goes into details about what the artwork and the texts in various languages really mean. Subjects such as genetic engineering and hybridization are embedded in the languages of the past.

In Part 2 Dan does a deep dive into the hidden meaning of words, ancient texts and art.
In a special members extra segment Dan Armstrong discusses artwork that deals with genetic engineering and human sacrifice.

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Part 1:

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  1. James and Daniel, Absolutely AMAZING conversation. Please come back together again we’ve only scratched the surface and you both have so much to add. Even with internet “interference” you soldiered on and we are SO fortunate you did. WOW!

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