Milab Missions – Delta Interview

Delta, a lifelong alien abductee and milab, returns to The Cosmic Switchboard to talk about her latest milab experiences.
In Part 2 Delta talks about spooky people who have come into her hair salon to discuss subjects directly related to Delta. Delta also discusses what it’s like to live life as a Milab.

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  1. What a fast moving and completely RIVOTING conversation James and Delta. It was so exciting and amazing I honestly didn’t want it to end! We ALL have SO MUCHto look forward to when we regain our memories and abilities once again. I know I will be looking in the archives to find past shows with Delta. For some reason, this really ‘lit me up’ like no other show. James, I can’t thank you enough for your work and dedication over all these years to bring light to the darkness and help individuals just like Delta to understand their experiences. You are so articulate and your historical and military expertise is the best ever@

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