Panel discussion: Dispel the Masquerade! CoronaX-Files on DTV

Sherry Swiney, Judith Kwoba, James Bartley and Wayne McRoy Jr. were guests, in this 23rd show on DTV, Dimensions TV & the CoronaX-Files series!

We covered many topics regarding how to Dispel the Masquerade & Remove the Lid on Manipulated Perception !
Among which :
Everything we think we know is false, due to COVID AND MUCH MORE;
Focus on only a few aspects of this plan, that are obviously so fake and false: no isolated virus, unjustified death stats, lockdowns, bogus tests, bogus masks, toxic DNA tweaking & killer vaccines ahead, etc…
The dark side entities can manipulate perception (examples will cover the details, i.e., covid, the election, history, ufos, etc);
The dark side entities and parasites have possessed our minds on this side of the 3rd density world, especially our “satanic vampire elites” and the dumbed down masses who can’t even think for themselves outside the box…. Dark side entities may include : demons (fallen angels), astral larva, parasites, E.T., interdimensional entities, archons, religious demiurgic archetypes, etc, etc…(they are all archontic in nature)Scientism has led us to AI based and Transhumanist era we’re heading towards today. Focus on the mind control technology and magical spell undoing aspects of things to change our reality, and much more…


Sherry Swiney in Kentucky:
As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities. She was able to eliminate them from her life without help from psychologists or psychiatrists, and without taking their toxic drugs. Today, she helps others learn how to do what she did to free herself. Her article “THE THAT’S A LIE PROGRAM” explains the method.Sherry Swiney has a bachelor’s degree in Business. She studied Civil Engineering in college for two years. She is self-taught in the field of quantum physics. For over 30 years she worked in the corporate world as a construction engineer and contracts manager on major construction projects across the United States. Sherry´s website: Keyhole Journey
Judith Kwoba in Germany :
Judith Kwoba of The Night Flight YouTube Channel is based in Germany, in the E.U., she has been hosting many shows and were invited on James Bartley’s channel the Cosmic Switchboard recently, where she’s talked about Soul-less Humans, Human Drones, and ways and means we can overcome this on a personal level. Judith´s website: Nightflight
James Bartley in Australia:
James Bartley is an Internationally Renowned UFO Researcher who has had numerous ET Encounters and UFO Sightings. James has investigated UFOs and Alien Abductions for over thirty years. James has conducted an in-depth investigation into all aspects of the Reptilian Overlordship.James also investigates the activities of other ET races such as the Mantis Beings, Insectoids and the various factions of the Greys. James has also investigated Military Abductions and the Deep Black Military – Aerospace Ops involving ETs. His podcast is called The Cosmic Switchboard Show and has featured interviews with many of the top investigators in the UFO and Conspiracy Fields.James co-facilitated support groups for Alien Abductees and Military Abductees (Milabs.)
Wayne McRoy Jr. in Pennsylvania:
Wayne is an Author and Researcher, he already published 2 books. Wayne McRoy – « We must stand together, speak up, and remove our consent from their system, their system that seeks to enslave us, use and abuse us, their eugenics-based transhumanist system. Wayne´s website: Alchemical Tech Revolution


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