Commentary 71 Kicking the Can

In Part 1 James Bartley discusses the notion that “The military has everything under control.” Note, James does not preclude the possibility that there does exist a “rebel faction” within the military. James is merely pointing out the practical difficulties involved in a rebel faction or factions taking control.
In Part 2 James Bartley discusses the Soul and the possibility there may be two “Points of Origin” or “Original Source” for Good and Bad Beings.


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  1. Hi, James, hope everything is all right with you and your loved ones, as good as we can be in this crazy times

    First of all, I want to thank you and your team here, and your guests, for all your work, for all your dedication, you are all my real family and I am so very grateful for meeting you
    Your commentaries are extraordinary; please do not stop sharing your thoughts and info with us

    I also wanted to share some thoughts, ideas, feelings and two things you said caught my attention:
    Earth as a trauma factory and the two sources theory

    You could never said better, or your colleague, who said it, bravo to her, indeed the earth is a trauma factory and this is the best term that encompass in a simple, concise manner, the main idea of the happenings in our world, from the beginning of the known history, at least

    but this trauma exists only in the so called civilised culture, the natives were trauma/wetiko free/aware of, until their genocide begins, aka they were civilised, too, right; more precisely, trauma was inflicted by and from the top, from the mf rulers that enslaved people, needed power and control and needed trauma and sacrifice, in any way posible, for their survival and life.

    this isn’t a human behavior and they are not human – they don’t care about humans, even their children, about earth and nature.

    from them and/or from trauma, humans started to present patterns of unhuman behavior, which is transmitted generational, also

    I saw this in my family, with both my parents, no history of chid abuse, my grandparents were all right, never beat their children or anything, right
    but my father was a cruel, alcoholic, tyrant and psychopat, very handsome, charming and intelligent, and my mother, for some reasons, considered that it is all right to raise her children with continuous beats and terror, herself included in the scheme

    here I have to mention, that, from my personal experience and what I saw around me, I think there is a personal aspect, tendency, good or bad, that cannot be influenced by any means, enviroment, family, etc., and remains untouched and unchanged no matter what – and, in the case of the bad one, only yourself can really change and improve it

    also, taking in consideration Jerry Marzinsky’s work, I had some images, thoughts and feelings in my head, at a very young age, that could not be mine, I couldn’t see anywhere those things, because in the communist period, in Romania, the television and radio were mainly with our ‘great, beloved leader’ and propaganda

    I think the door was opened for those outside-of-my-being deviations, because of the trauma
    in the same time, the Stockholm syndrome was in place, you can imagine, a child loves his parents, its intrinsec in his nature

    so, going from this, I have a very labil emotional aspect, and a very lucid, aware, inquisitive, critical thinking aspect, who wants to understand everything and more, to find and apply solutions;
    all spiced with my life long friend, the rage ))))))))) and the draining love/hate and all of their adjacent emotions, felt simultaneous and/or consecutively for my mother, father, husband and finally, my son
    indeed, no one is hurting you more than your family

    mistakes were made, bad choices – and now Eve’s hyperdimensional relationship patterns come in place – my husband has a same traumatic childhood, only of a different type
    I tried all my life to solve this, with no big deal of result, he dismiss it as a problem, but the consequences are visible, as in my case, ofcourse

    trauma is perpetuated, in our family, with passive – aggresive behaviors on my side, and open rage, gaslighting and emotional abuse, from the other side – some tries of separation were made, but nothing more.

    the generational part appears, in our case, as parents ourselves, also – we adopted a two years old boy, who ended being a substance consumer and addict (now he is better, still a parasite jerk, but we work on this aspect, also, as much as we can)

    probably he will pass the legacy to the next generation

    and this is what it is all around me, more or less, trauma, trauma, trauma, in all the ways posible, it is not an isolated case, it is the norm

    the unseen influences are present like for ever, insiduous, we are made to believe that we are intrinsically bad, sinners and for that, we must accept shit after shit in our lives

    and here we reach your Two sources idea – interesting, never thought about it in this way – as a matter of fact, I even don’t know what I think or believe in this matter, because all became so absurd, inverted, satanic, in this world – maybe I could wonder where the heck is the good source, because I have the feeling that evil was turned loose in our world

    I mean, the situation is very bad from the beginning, but I have the sensation that, since the industrialization period, the taking over of our humanity and destruction of the earth are accelerated big time

    its like the locusts, they devour everything and then move to another source of food
    with this flucking plandemic, I don’t see that they want to kill us, but take complete and for ever control of us

    to ensure their life and survival

    soooo, taking in consideration what is happening in this world, lets say, with the children, I tend to dismiss and defy the good source and that idiotic brainwashing regarding the lessons you learn here, finding the meaning of the bad things that happen to you, yadda, yadda, yadda – yeah, right, that 2yo child tortured, raped and murdered learned quite a lesson from that, mf stupid idiots who shove this shit into our throats

    anyway, horific things are happenig to both people and animals, nature and earth, in general, for always – and I really cannot find the sense of continuous trauma and destruction in all posible ways

    why? is my main question of life

    now, according to Murphy’s law, in this insane world, where I already had issues, because of my non-official-narative interests, researches, etc., where all the people, as a matter of fact, have different issues, life is hard for the majority

    this flucking Mandela Effect has to appear – )))))))))))))))))))) – oh, I was longing for another one, to bite the dust )))))))))))))))))))))

    from April, 2017, James, I am in a bad dream – a dream where my past and still, the present, continuously, is changed, history, geography, anatomy, astronomy, family events, words, grammar, streets, buildings, weather phenomena, the sky, in my real life, not online;

    some are changed, some are new, some change and then change back – it is quite lovely and an extraordinary challange ))))), as the-cognitive-disonance-new-age-persons like to say, in their denial )))))))))))))

    now, you tell me, James, wtf is this????? Where are we???? (here I can say I have changed my mind, in the last year, if before I said I was in purgatory, now I’m stepping forwayd, in pure hell )))))))))))

    what now??? We gonna see, for sure, we won’t miss a bit – I am somehow indifferent to whatever will come, but, taking in consideration the mandela effect, I have to be more humble, because I thought that nothing could be worse than what I have encounter before it, and yet…there is always place for more dark – and, I suppose, consequently (and hopefully), for more good.

    what I know for suresure, however I am and the mistakes I have done, I am longing to be better, to do the right thing, to seek and understand the truth, no matter how hard it is
    I still see and appreciate beauty, in people, in nature
    I still laugh and have a sense of self – irony
    I am grateful for many things, among them meeting you and others like minded people

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