Pierre Sabak’s Interview

Pierre Sabak, an expert on Ancient Symbolism and Etymology and author of groundbreaking books including “The Murder of Reality” and “Holographic Culture” provides ground breaking information about Reptilians and the Reptilian Overlordship.

Pierre Sabak’s website is: Pierre Sabak Books
His YouTube Channel is: Pierre Sabak

In Part 1 Pierre provides conclusive and definitive proof of an embedded occulted language within the written and spoken word in numerous languages. This occulted language has passed into everyday common use. This language in actual fact describes reptilian beings who masqueraded as Gods to our ancient ancestors. Pierre notes the frequency with which certain words in various languages describe alien craft, Alien and Reptilian Beings and the laws which have been codified by the reptilians and the reptilian that persist to this day such as Admiralty Maritime Law.

In Part 2 Pierre discusses his book “Holographic Culture” in detail.

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Part 1:

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Part 2 Members Only: mp3 Audio
Part 2 Members Only: mp4 Video




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  1. Wonderful info! Pierre has answered or confirmed a few subjects for me; Thank You So Much! Looking forward to the next interview which i hope will be soon!
    Thanks Again James
    rj ???

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