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Steve Mera, veteran UFO Investigator and Parapsychologist, discusses his work with Psychic Donald Philips in the Phenomena Project. Steve also discusses the now discredited “nuts and bolts” approach to UFO Research which has proven to be a hindrance to legitimate research. Steve talks about the metaphysical, psychic and “ultra-dimensional” aspects of UFOs and Extraterrestrials also known as “The High Strangeness” Factor which seems to terrify your average MUFON researcher.

Website: Phenomana Magazine.

Host of Phenomena Projec: Phenomena Projec.

In Part 2 Steve Mera talks about what “insiders” within the UFO Field have been discussing including the implications of the Colares Island UFO events, Gravity Wells, Megalithic Sites and much more.

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Part 1:

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Part 2 – Members Only

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