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Mike Clelland is an avid outdoorsman, illustrator and UFO researcher. He has written extensively on the subject of alien abductions, synchronicities and owls. It was his first-hand experiences ​with these elusive events that have been the foundation for this research.
Mike Clelland, author of “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” and the sequel “Stories from The Messengers: Accounts of Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality,” discusses his ET Experiences and how they led to the realization that Owls figure prominently in the lives of many Alien Abductees. Owls also represent a Hidden Reality and sometimes manifest themselves in a synchronistic way. This Hidden Reality is all around us and sometimes it manifest itself to us in startling and mystical ways.
In Part 2 Mike Clelland talks about the Hidden Reality around us and how Owls can be catalysts to allow us to see into this Hidden Reality and understand our part in it. Mike talks about how Owls have played a key role in helping people heal from the loss of a loved one and even examples where Owls have saved peoples lives.
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  1. @29:54ish. Something similar and random happened to me. The few days before my brother’s funeral, I saw a semi exotic looking insect that I have only seen once. Nothing to do with owls necessarily , but a seemingly rendevous correspondence of nature’s sentience distributing a sign of sorts.

  2. It was interesting. My friend has been having this thing that whenever he looks at his phone the time is 11:11, 05:05, 03:03 and so on. His family thinks he’s wierd. I told him maybe he’s connected to his cicadian rhythm. On the other hand i said maybe its got a symbolic significance. Quite often i see a lot of double or triple 6’s or 7’s. But I’ll also see 12:34 fairly often. He said ok, everytime it happens im going to text you. I’ve been getting one or two msgs from him every few days.

    Just as Paul and yourself were talking about that number and time phenomenon my friend texted me right at 05:05 in the morning. I didn’t even realise what time it was haha. Kool

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