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James Batley

James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years.

James Bartley discusses the symbology behind Rapper DRAKE’s song Gyalchester and the terrorism event in Manchester England. Thanks to the work of The Black Child (see his Youtube Channel) we know that the day before the Manchester England Bombing, Drake performed in Las Vegas and sang Gyalchester which is about girls in Manchester and then we have what amounts to a mass child sacrifice involving young girls in the Manchester Arena.
James talks about the meaning behind the lyrics of Gyalchester and how they refer directly to Hermes/Thoth and the White Draco. He also talks about how Bury, a suburb of Manchester is mentioned in the lyrics and how MI6, British Intelligence is mentioned in the lyrics. James talks about how people in the “Truth” community have been fooled into thinking that ALL such events are hoaxes with no real casualties. James talks about how Deception is utilized citing examples from World War 2. We have to “up our game” and stop thinking in Surface Level Terms.” Hermes is the “Messenger of the Gods” and DRAKE/The White Draco singing from his big cirle (portal) is giving an occultic message from THE GODS. The message heralds the next phase of the DRACO Agenda for Planet Earth.



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  1. Awesome commentary!!! It’s great for people to know the game, so we can quit this game all together.

  2. I thought so! I was suspicious myself of the underlying meaning behind what happened in England. Thanks James!

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