Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East Interview

Naome is adept at inner remote viewing, she is a door opener to the quantum world. She gives you the clarity and inner insight to shift into an organic field of pure energy. Naome is diverse at removing implants, sexual vampirism, Interdimensional entities, and accumulated emotions. Her sharp intelligence decodes, reprograms, reframes past time loops and dissolves inorganic matter through multi-level dimensions and time lines. Naome’s capability to discover hidden messages in past lives and inner child wounds, operating in the background is inner -freedom.
Debra Jayne East grew up in a rural town in Virginia and from an early age she had an interest in writing, astronomy and science. In 1968, close to midnight, her family went outside to see what their German Shepard dog was barking at. Looming over the hill, a lens shaped object the size of a tractor trailer with a rotating band of blue, white and red lights hovered silently in the moonlight.
In 1987 after a large UFO flap in Wytheville, Virginia. After hundreds of sightings by military, the sheriff’s department and many locals, including radio newscaster Danny Gordon, her parents woke up to find a strange triangle shaped landing marks in their back field.
After her career and raising a family, Ms. East returned to her first love and began writing paranormal books and also researching the UFO phenomenon. This led to her hosting her own radio show six years ago and she is still giving people a voice to tell their stories today.

Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East discuss the concept of “Decoding the False God –  Why Am I the Bad Guy?”
Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East talk about Patriarchal Religiosity Programming and how orthodox religion demands women to be submissive and compliant. Topics discussed are the God Fearing Women/Hell Programs and how the narcissism and grandiosity often provide cover for paedophilia and other forms of criminal behaviour in organized religion. Naome Swan talks about the False God Superman Programming.
In Part 2 Naome Swan and Debra Jayne East talk about “Confession to Confusion,” “Objectification of the Victim” and Tag Teams and Cliques in Churches and in the Research Field. Also the religions people create in lieu of orthodox religion.
Naome’s Website: Embody Energetic Ecstasy
Debra’s Website: Notes from the Underground
Starlite 17 Radio: Facebook Page
Sky Watcher Radio: Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks Naome, Debra and James. This is filled with heaps of vital information. I love learning through your sharing and connecting dots. I was a pastors wife for a while so can relate. Great work, loving how you are all loving the whole field.

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