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James Bartley has researched Alien Abductions, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions for over twenty five years. In Part 1 of the first ever installment of “Bartley’s Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars” James discusses the need for people to “up their game” and move beyond the Five Sense Conspiracy. He talks about key figures in Scientific History who were known to be involved in the analysis and back-engineering of Alien Technology including Dr. Vannevar Bush, Dr. John Von Nuemann and Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer.


James Bartley

Vannevar Bush

James Bartley discusses the secret research into Alien Technology and Alien Life Forms at Wright-Patterson AFB. We have to keep in tune with the times and as Alex Collier says, we are going into a whole “nuther level of Strangeness.” Many people who are aware of their ET experiences will be able to take these changes in their stride. Most of those still stuck in the Five Sense Conspiracy will not adapt to these changes as easily.


James Bartley at Lil Ale inn James Bartley and Bob Lazar James Bartley and Hickson James Bartley and Barbara Bartholic

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  1. There is indeed a whole array of strangeness, and much behind the human perception – it is a frequency war and a time line battle that goes with the planetary shifts. The whole of our reality/ies is based on the one we buy into. And much is done to make a sale complete..
    Thank you very much, James, for pursuing the truth and broadcasting it. Blessings ~ Limor

  2. Would luv to get into one of these discussions with you…James we can really rock the airwaves,with the hardcore oversoul vibes from a tag team which none have ever encountered before.

  3. Yeah this will just be a dumb comment , even if valuable, concerning the first 6 minutes of the talk on the upside downess. You need all white socks, preferably 80% cotton or above , and the rest 20% polyester more than nylon. Most of these socks sold on the market are none of those specs , plus they have colored dyes in them. They had a floor of hospital nurses all making fun or embarrassed of each other’s foot odor. Solution is simple. However, it’s still not the main socks on the market. Perfect example of low level poison that builds up and could be prevented. Me as a vigorous stepper, other socks will ruin a pair of shoes within a week . Grounding barefoot may be the way to go, but not as dirty as these current floors are in the world . It’s almost like they sell socks for assimilated a.i. Cuz they waddle anyway. I’m not fully sure.

    • That is a good point that you brought up. Nobody thinks about the dyes and toxins in their socks. People try to be healthy in a lot of other ways but they never think of things like that.

      • Appreciated. Healthy or not , it just all over weakens you if anything, or causes more problems quicker. I may type more later, but fuck, if I was a transhumanist or barely truly on the ground here, I wouldn’t care what my socks were made of cuz i wouldn’t even be a real person technically. But you notice little things that are highly uncalled for. Hard to describe. Just saw this reply. May type more later in day after waking up more. It’s like a transhumanist trick on the few humans though? Peer pressure on a bigger fractal? Because everyone jumps in a chlorine pool , are you going to jump in as well? adaptation or not, that does seem to really piss me off or have gotten sick before the day after doing something as simple and popular as swimming. I’m dumb but not that dumb. And I’m pressured, but not that pressured. Few examples to add. People say get in the pool , ur paranoid, yet so so quick to never respect ur mind

  4. But weird too, how, oh wow look at my 200 thousand dollar ego based state of art pool and white picket fence. White picket or not , fine. However, comical how by all right, I wouldn’t even want a 200 thousand dollar pool even if it was free lol. Hard to describe.

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