David Dunger Interview

David Dunger, an IT Professional, podcaster, and UFO/ET Experiences who comes from a multigenerational family of Experiencers, discusses some of his experiences. On one occasion a doctor refused to remove an implant beneath the skin of his arm. David also talks about how he woke up to find a circular patch of hair removed behind his ear. Upon examination by a specialist, he was told there had NEVER been follicles at that location. David also discusses the study conducted by NASA Consultant Dr. Dale Russell which concluded that a certain type of dinosaur could have evolved over time into a highly intelligence reptilian humanoid being.

In Part 2 David Dunger discusses the infamous Chapter 13 of the United States Federal Fire Fighters Guide about the Dangers of Crashed UFOs (including Radiological Effects), the comments about ET Technology and man made craft based on ET technology made by Ben Rich, the late director of Lockheed Skunk Works. David discusses his own amazing experiences on board a civilian airliner when it was accompanied by a silver disc which resulted in a “missing time” episode for the entire plane and its passengers. David talks about how for a while the plane ceased Forward Motion and how it was later accompanied by two FA-18 fighter planes.

He also talks about a Missing Time experience near Grafton New South Wales. He talks about how Fluoride is used to calcify the Pineal Gland and how Telepathy, Psychokinesis and Telekinesis have all been studied by corporations and the Intelligence Community.

David Dunger’s Website is: Shiny Side Out

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