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Christine Hart’s Bio

Chrchristine-hart1istine Joanna Hart began her career in the ex MI6 spy trade, working as an operative for elite organizations; Ciex Ltd (Michael Oatley’s Company X) KCS in Knightsbridge and Argen (ex Special Branch of Internal Security for South Africa.) A number of her assignments have been comparatively dangerous, including undercover work as well as a major investigation entitled, ‘Inside the Real IRA.’

Cchristine-hart2hristine Hart is considered an expert in the security industry and is called on to advise on investigations that other agencies cannot close. Christine has investigative experience with ex MI6 agencies KCS, Company X, Carrattu, Kroll and Argen, the latter overseeing De Beers diamonds account. Christine is currently a consultant investigator for ex MI6 officer, Stuart Poole-Robb at KCS in Knightsbridge, who works for the Russian and Malaysian governments and blue chip clients. Christine is an OSINT/HUMINT specialist.


Interview Summary

beach-shotChristine Hart describes her experiences as a Fleet Street Journalist who met with high ranking members of both the Real IRA and the Ulster Defense Association (UDA) in her role as a Fleet Street Journalist. She describes seeing bat like Gargoyle/Draco type entities in and around certain individuals including serial killer Kenneth Bianchi who she once met as well as certain members of the media establishment. Christine describes a possible alter personality that may have been used in certain war zones. Members of the Fleet Street Media tried to pull her into a debriefing with MI5 after she had spent time with the Real IRA which she adamantly refused to take part in.

aliceTowards the end of the first hour she describes how she first became acquainted with Colonel Michael Aquino and the subsequent astral abductions she experienced involving a White Rabbit in which she felt Aquino played a key role.

In Part 2 Christine Hart will discuss her astral experiences with Michael Aquino, what it felt like to be kept in “Astral Detention,” what the astral matrix net looks like, the guidance she was given by an astral guide, the mysterious death of Max Spiers, the bat winged gargoyle type entities she’s seen in the astral planes, what it feels like to be under psychic energetic attack and much more.


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Christine Hart’s Youtube Channel: Valkyrie@ Revolution Radio
Christine Hart’s Latest Book: How Nick Davies Hired Me To Spy on My Former Colleagues at News Of The World: Inside News Corp For Nick Davies

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  1. Around 29:40 in part 2, rife healing is mentioned. There’s so many stepping stones or nudge devices for healing, but I honestly believe something what Dan winter says, in that , they are all gizmos or external things that may help. But they ultimately will not be there for you when you need it or not need it, from emergency situations down to general mundane bliss. I think point is , is that we have to become so anchored,and dedicated, and fixed,and ready to poised, insofar as internally being able to switch or kundalini awakening on demand, and nuke so to speak the parasite stuff with that special light or energy. This device or that device may nuke them virus or parasite, but nothing stands a chance when you blow it all open urself. In my opinion , it’s all about the bottom chakra , but all about it , in the sense that it is the firmest , most grounded one that will chain-react the rest of the above chakras to activate damn near simultaneously. So bottom chakra is most important in the sense of a firm root ready to go at any time for protection. Kinda of like the g-spot that you should never let go of a grip of. We ourselves, our bodies hidden fields ARE the good orgone and orgonite generators. Words like broom, broow(brew), brow, sweep, clean(ceiling, c-lean, sealing) . Switch , witch , itch, activate , are what you make of them. Word , worp, warp. G-force . Chi-force. Lately , I like to imagine the whole kabala tree of life dotted setup mainly housed not so much up the entire body or back, but housed all at the bottom chakra or sacrum area anchored to holster a gun or sword ready on command to be yanked out and upward , but contrarily, when they all start spinning or activating it seems it would be more the shapes of the stars of David . But I still have a lot to learn or practice or exercise courtesy of few ppl in my area who ever take it seriously in person and meet up. I’m guessing that each time a person by their own willpower knocks the doors down and awakens , the more untouchable they will become by the snap of the fingers so to speak, with the firsthand knowing of faith beyond just nonchalantly using the word faith but embodying faith. It’s like the decision fight or fight? How bout both ? Fighter flight, you are a free energy jet body. Bound can mean immobile, or bound can mean jump out of sight . It’s like your cerebrospineal fluid can make phone calls. Take the iz out of wizard and its word. Whoever setup this alphabet recognized that w and d are 4th letter from back to front, and I and r are 9th from back to front , and a and z are 1st from back to front. It’s symmetrical palindrome in a way. It’s not about faith and belief like just meaningless regurgitated religious stuff. Faith and believing really have to come to mean something to you or it will have no power/cocksure-ness to one’s attitude. I think it’s , imo, not a good idea to recklessly egoicly test the boundaries, but to count for worth and not just “count” to crunch numbers like a calculator.

  2. What a great interview. Thanks for your wealth of knowledge, and thanks for giving the Feminine such a strong platform! I had no idea there were so many women powerhouses on this side of media 😉
    Hey! I just started a natural luxury bath product line completely dedicated to bentonite clay/volcanic ash! The longer I spend with this amazing element, the more I fall in love with her healing properties ~ meditating in an ash bath is off the hook!
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    Love you guys <3 <3 <3

  3. i am beginning to listen to more interviews in general… and i now appreciate your interview style very much. thankyou James.

  4. Thank you James and Christine, for this very riveting interview! Christine is such a fascinating person and every time I listen to her speak, I learn so much from her. She is brave beyond words! And James definitely has the gift of knowing exactly what questions to ask his guests, so that the interview flows freely and effortlessly and that what is meant to be revealed comes forward. Also, he gives such sound advice and offers lots of tools and solutions for healing. You are both a wealth of information!

  5. Thanks to the Universe for the Cosmic Switchboard! What a relief to have this show. I’m getting an education. All ny questions are answered. Excellent interviews. Everything just flows from James to the guest. You really learn about the importance of listening. Forever grateful and continued blessings.

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